Faith in our purpose


Faith is an interesting thing for most of us. Some just take life on with faith that all will work out for them. They believe that faith and right actions will carry them through life to the end into eternity.  Some will see life differently because of experiences we have had.  The boy who sat in the chair that broke checked his chair for a month before sitting down. Then a funny thing happened, after three months he never checked it again, his faith had returned.

Faith is like a muscle it needs to be exercised and used often to grow and build up strength.  We all have a measure of faith in our lives just waiting to be exercised so as we go about our day we should be challenging ourselves with faith actions. Hebrews 11:6 tells us, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

It takes a step of faith to go after a new career, education, spouse, friendship, or whatever else the case may be.  We use faith in our everyday lives all the time. Those who say they have no faith are mistaken about what faith is.  They have faith in something they just may not realize it yet.

Faith is also contagious, often bringing people together to accomplish great things.  At Christmas time we see all the Hallmark movies of faith, love, and miracles that happen when people put action and faith together.  These movies are very inspirational they end with great endings that show how important faith is in our lives.  The romantic ones will show true love is possible but it does require faith.  One common thread we see in all of these movies is faith and actions.  The right actions mixed with faith will bring results.

Faith is the foundation key to the life of each individual.  Business owners, employees, or even those disabled depend on others to provide income.  The business owner depends on the employee to do a good job helping them to create an income.  They are exercising faith that if the employees do their jobs then they will make money.  They have a system in place that they believe will guide their employees.

Likewise the employees depend on the business owner to pay them for doing a good job.  The employee is trading time, and effort for money.  The disabled person in the USA is depending on people who work to pay taxes and our government to help provide them with an income from those taxes.  They have faith that the checks will continue due to people creating money and the government sharing it with them according to our laws.

These are all examples of faith in action even if these people do not understand it.  These things happen constantly during the day and night making our world go around.  Faith in fact is a key part of the world around us.

The leader must have faith in the direction he or she is going in.  How can people follow someone who has no direction.  People with no direction will not accomplish great things.  Life is not about letting life happen to us but about us happening to life.  When we put faith and actions together miraculous things will happen. There is one thing to remember these actions must be the right ones.

We all have a purpose in life.  We must attach faith to that purpose to fully see the results in our lives.  There are many people who knew their purpose but faith in themselves or the purpose was weak.  Instead of building the muscles of faith they allowed them to grow weaker.  These people we see doing things that are not their lives purpose.  They have settled for something routine and they have now stopped dreaming.  Too many people in the world today are in this situation.  They have stopped dreaming, but the purpose for their lives is still within their reach.

The truth is it is never too late to start again.  Our faith in that purpose may be weak but we can exercise that faith building the muscles.  We do not fail unless we quite, so never quite, never give up!  Just keep building faith and moving toward the purpose of your life.


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