The Master Servant

The Master Servant

      The Master Server is something that at times has been lost in some businesses.  The Master Servant is one who finds a need in the world and then works to find a solution to that need. When we offer the solution to something in people’s lives we become the servant that meets their needs. “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent”. (Douglas MacArthur)


The business owner or leadership should always be looking for ways they can serve.  The role of a Pastor is all about serving other in areas of people’s lives.  The motivational leader will help others by motivating them to do the things in life they need to.  People sometimes need that extra push, belief, vision, and positive atmosphere in their lives.  The leader can be instrumental in helping them move in the right direction.  The servant leader will have the ability to impact them because of the relationship built by serving.

Let’s look at the example of hospitals in our world.  They started mostly in people going to homes trying to help those who were suffering and hurting. As education has grown we moved from the small office, traveling doctor, toward that of larger hospitals. There doctors and staff are able to treat people. Over the many years we see the pureness of the purpose statement they have undertook and the dream that has grown year after year.

The medical field has grown to one of the most important fields in business. Health care makes up a very large segment of business in America.  These include small business which are growing every day. These types of business models we see in health care are example of the Master Servant models.  We can take a long look at their systems to see how we can adapt some of their servant attitudes.  The programs they offer to their clients assist them at some of their deepest and darkest times of life.

If we as leaders adopt the role of Master servant to all around us we will see great results.  Leadership is about influence and we will not truly give influence without showing how much we care. We know how much influence we have by those we have following us on the journey.  Those who are by themselves are just taking a walk, they have very little influence.

Positional influence is what most will try to implement.  The ability to influence people because of position has some impact on others.  The impacts are very limited however and will not move people to act as effectively.  The most effective way to influence others is by the master servant who will use serving and positional influence to move people in the right direction.  They will often help these people accomplish their goals in life. The power of helping others accomplish their goals and dreams can be one of the most powerful things in a serving relationship.  People will follow someone who helps them reach their dreams and goals.

The master servant can look very different depending on the field or position one has.  The ability to be a master servant will still be a key to reach true influence.  People who lead others but find they have very little support or people following along the journey need to look at this principle closely. We all can grow in the area of the master servant.  The choice is ours and it takes a lot of care to see the results most want.   I challenge all of us to become the greatest master servants we can be.  Let us change the world by serving them.

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