Joy to our world

Joy to our world

Joy is something that can elude people. Those people who focus on the negative things in life often loose the joy they once had.  The world doing this time normally is full of hope, joy, peace, and love.  When Christmas time in near many people are busy with their focus on others.  They are often trying to please people by serving them in some way.

The world we live in can be so negative. If we are not careful all we see on the news is Negative.  We see the politics of harsh words, lies, and so on.  There once was a time when people treated each other with greater respect.

Even though they may not have agreed they still held to a level of integrity.  Some strive to push the envelop further with what we allow in our society as moral, integrity, honest, and right.  When people do wrong things without even a true ounce of remorse it is sad.

Even as these things continue should we allow our ideas of what is right and wrong diminish?  Should we except that the envelope can be pushed even more.  I am not sure about everyone else but I choose to love, serve, and hold on to what I believe to be basic values.

These include honesty, loving others, compassion, encouragement, serving others, following our laws, as a pastor biblical values, and of course working  make the world around us better.  I understand this is not an exhaustive list but it gives understanding and direction for what I believe.

How do you feel about these issues?

I believe we can live in a world of peace, joy, and love but it requires a lot of effort.  Of course not everything will go right for us all but we can have mutual respect for others and their ideas. We celebrate Christmas because of a child who brought so much joy to people.  I believe we can all share that joy with our families and friends.  We can work to make our world a better place starting in our homes and lives.

May you find joy this season in your life, thanks for reading,



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