The Spirit of giving


Sarah walked down the pathway toward town in 1921.  As she walked down the pathway she seen a young women who was shivering in the cold.  They were sitting about one mile away from the tiny town.  The wild was blowing as the young girl sat in a small homemade shelter.  Sarah shared that she was about the celebrate her 60 birthday.  They talked and even laughed a moment or two, then Sarah said I must get to town.

The snow had been coming down for several hours and they talked for about 20 minutes.  The young women had taken refuge before heading on the 5 mile trip home. Sarah notice the young women was not property dress and doubted she would make it home.  Sarah knew she only had a mile to go and she offered her coat.  The young women accepted the gift, promising to return it as soon as she could.

As Sarah walked briskly down the path toward town she began to shake.  She began to shake more and more until about a fourth a mile from town she dropped to the snow.  Sarah would never know another day on earth.  The young women learned of what had happened that spring.  She felt so bad but as Sarah’s grand son told her please do not be sad.

She would have even given the clothes off her shoulders to help another.  Sarah died believing life is about giving to those she could.  She loved to give and died doing what she loved, giving to you.  Can you imagine if we all were that giving.


What is it we have given to others?

When is the last time we gave a gift that was selfless.  We have been given examples of great women such as Mother Teresa.  During this time of year may we take a lesson and learn to give unconditionally to others.


Jesus, the reason we celebrate Christmas gave himself.  We can learn a lot about giving from Jesus.

Our troops often lay down their lives for others and our country, what a gift.

Giving does not have to cost us our lives but it should cost us something?

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