Day: December 13, 2017

Creating Income

Market analysis

One of the greatest things about being in business for yourself is the ability to create your own income.  When working for an employer our income has very little movement upward over time.  As a business owner we can make as much as we wish.

One of the problems I have notice among new business owners is they want the rewards without the efforts.  The seeds of business have to be planted properly and in time as we take care of them we will get a return. The cycle must be one we continue to embrace daily as we learn and grow.

Self improvement to the new business owner is a must.  We all have to get better and become more valuable as a person to make more money.  There are the one hit wonders out there but they topically do not last if they do not work on themselves.

Know your purpose

Sell out completely

Prepare the ground

sow the seeds

properly nourish

prepare to harvest

I will cover some more of these in detail in later posts but for now understand part-time or full time business owners are the backbone of our society.  Most people today need to find extra income or a new way to made the money they need.  Business ownership is possible but it will require work and learning……..

Those who do not want to work for things but want things handed to them should not head toward business ownership.  It is for people who do not mind working hard.