Day: December 15, 2017

Have we stopped dreaming?




Have we stopped dreaming?

There are times in life when sitting with and talking to many people some themes come to the surface in conversations.  One of those themes I have noticed is that of limiting belief. It’s as if someone has taken away the dreamer inside of many people.

It is sad to think that somehow during life that someone has lost their desire to dream.  The people I have encountered which number in the thousands have some things in common.  Most of the people who make under 50,000 combined income as a family are hit the hardest.  I am not saying I have not encountered it with people making more but less often.  Life seems to have beaten them down or something has happened that has stolen away their dreams.

When talking with them they had dreams early in life but circumstances and lost opportunity had hit.  Why should we allow our dreams to be stolen?  What are the reasons we allow our dreams to die?

Do we in America as we grow older allow our dreams to die?

I personally say never let the dreams inside us die, dare to dream and dream big.  We as people can accomplish great things if we do not stop dreaming.  I just wonder if that why we as a country began to fall back with some other countries in development.  There is research that suggests that we have fallen back.

I am daring to ask to ask the question, are we daring to dream again?