Day: December 25, 2017

Productive People Understand the Seasons


The productive person knows that certain seasons call for certain kinds of work.


 There are no short cuts we must pay attention to the mundane details that make us successful. Seasons change as we see with our eyes.  With those changes, we must notice and see the signs of change in our businesses.  The signs are all around us of growth, personnel changes, events in the world, social changes, things like the internet changed businesses forever.

      Those who did not see the changes right away paid a price.  Those who did not see the internet coming were behind.  Some are still playing caught up because they have not found people to help them stay up with changing technology and how it impacts their business.

      Business is full of change and sometimes we can struggle to keep pace with those changes.  The important part of understanding these changes is having someone or a team in place to tackle the ever-changing environment of business.


The gift beyond words

merry christmas

The day was busy with us hurrying the kids out of bed.  The morning was crisp and full of wonderful expectation.  We were trying to get the crew of people out the door for Christmas Eve services.  Our son said, I am putting on a suit today just like dad.


We had to get the food, bags of candy, and fruit out to the truck.  Finally, off we went to enjoy Christmas service. As my son and I sang I was to moved by his heart coming through in songs.  During communion, many of us were moved in remembrance of Jesus being born and His love for us.


As we brought some kids over to have Christmas at our house like every year they were tickled. They decorated cookies and opened some presents.  The spark in the eyes of a child when pure love flows out is so precious.  It is nice having a woman who loves giving so much.  This Christmas Eve was so special like so many we remember.  God has blessed us with so much and may we all continue to give back to someone and everyone.  Blessings to all this Christmas and never forget the reason we celebrate the season.