The Dream Master’s

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We are coming into a new year full of opportunities to change our lives.  The question becomes what opportunities are we going to pursue?  What direction in our lives are we moving toward? How will we get there if we have not laid down a path?

The end of our year should begin with our new plans for the coming year.  I am not speaking of New Year resolutions but commitments.  When we commit to doing something we are moving to make that become a reality.  When people make resolutions too often they have become a wish list.  The wish list has no place in our lives without actions.

Dreaming is something we all do.  If we have no actions to our dreams we will never see them become reality.

D- Deciding on the opportunity

R- Rising to the occasion

E- Education of ideas

A- Arranging priories

M- Managing the path

S- Singing the song of the dream

The dreams we have will never become reality if we do not follow all the steps to creation. Dream big but follow through even bigger..

Never allow your dreams to be stolen, write them down.  Decide if the dream of today should be the future of tomorrow.


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