Day: December 30, 2017

Be Tough and Press forward



We have to be tough enough to continue even when we are hit with huge setbacks. Life is not all about easy but about pressing forward through the challenges we all face. We can bend but we must not break…..

Life is already hard for most of us.  We should not be making it harder on ourselves than we need to.  Take time and plan all the details of life as much as possible.  Realize also that life happens not matter our best laid plans.  Grit is what we must have in our lives.

Instead of giving in we should not give up. We need to keep the fight when we know it is the right thing.  There will always be haters in our lives.  They will not always dislike us but often it is our message. Never allow a few people to steal our dreams.

Jesus on the cross never allowed the haters to stop Him from accomplishing what He set out to do.  We must run our race in life…