Day: January 5, 2018

I am so Wealthy but looking for more!


I love wealth

I want a wealthy lifestyle

I want relationships for of wealthy people

I want true wealth in my life

I am not trying to be selfish but I want all the wealth I can get and create in my own life.


  Learning about people with a lot of wealth and riches I have noticed something.  Those with a good heart will use their riches to do good things.  These people are not selfish but generous.  Wealthy people are also generous with many things in life.

wealth 2

     When we have the wealth of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and faith they become powerful tools.  If we are overflowing with riches, these too are tools to help spread the wealth. The distinction here is something I am trying to bring home to all who read this.  I do not believe wealth and riches to be the same things. Wealth is defined by Webster as, “abundance of valuable material possessions or resources-abundant supply”.

      Money is valuable but it holds no candle to the value of morals and principles.  The possession of abundance flows out of wealthy lives.  Out of the wealthy life flows great riches. Riches are a form of wealth.

wealth 3.jpg

        To have success understand this difference.  Many people in life gain wealth and a lot of riches.  If they do not gain wealthy understanding they lose what they once had.  Riches cannot stay if a person does not understand the character of true wealthy living.  Usually people lose the money because they lack the character to keep it.