Courage to do great things


The word for me this year is courage.  I think of the lion, and the tin man.  I have had words in the past.  The truth is courage is at the level I am at in life.  Some may say just have faith and courage in what you are doing.  The key is most of us are at different levels in life.  The level I find myself at requires a lot of extra courage for me.

I believe as a Pastor in faith, healing, and God’s Word. It is easy to say we believe but harder to live out that at times.  When we are faced with the challenges in life they come at our level.  The next 12 months will be the greatest exercise of faith to this date of my life.

We have started to expand our ministry efforts in many ways.

We are expanding our businesses as well.

We are making life changing decisions.

These all come with risk, reward, and it takes courage.

We are almost done with making our vision board.  I know there is nothing impossible with God but often we see through our own faults.  It is Christ living through us this year that will allow us to accomplish these tasks.  We cannot due it alone that is why it takes courage to know that whatever the risk the reward of following God’s plan and purpose for our lives is worth it.

Just the hope of being able to help another person know Christ, know how priceless they are, and their purpose is worth it all.  I pray that in all we do we can have an impact in a positive way on the lives of others.  When life if done for me here on earth I want to leave behind a legacy of hope.  It all takes courage.

God told Joshua:

Joshua 1:9(NIV)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

I am reminder to be courageous and strong God is with me..

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