Darling to tell the Truth!



It can be hard in our world today to be truthful.  It is so easy to tell little white lies and feel it will hurt no one.  In the new Book coming I wrote: Perry the Wise Owl I deal with this issue for children and parents.  Character and integrity seem to be a thing of the past for so many in the world today.  Those in positions of authority often tell half truths as if it does not matter.

When we see these things our children I believe suffer the most.  Yes, the reputation of the person doing it is damaged for them in some circles.  There is a circle of people, a culture if you will that does not have a problem doing whatever it takes to get what they want.  The problem is we teach our children some bad attitudes and values.

There are consequence to our actions.  These people who are willing to do whatever it takes and dismiss everyday common values of our culture and country they are hurting their future.  What are the values we were founded on as a country?  Let’s see it was the 10 commandments, the values throughout of Declaration of Independence, and even looking toward Martin Luther king’s speech.  We do have a dream to live together in peace, all races, and people in our country.

Yes, there are more values like the Christian heritage of our country.  It is in our homes that we begin change toward a better future of tomorrow.  It is in teaching our children good values and principles to live by and being that example.  Do we ever mess up? Of course, that is how they see strength when we admit our mistakes.  They see real people living out these principles in life then they will have a stronger foundation.  When dad’s raise up and be fathers.  When moms be mothers, and when we all help each other.  We are stronger untied as a country but we can never forget where we came from.

Sometimes we need to slow down and spent quality time with our children, our families, our friends, and our neighbors. I look back at all my mistakes, I am thankful for God’s grace.  I pray that we as a country and families work together united with common goals to make our country like no other, make it great.

Can we be a country of truth?

Can we be united, even though we always do not agree on everything?

Can America become even greater?

Can we return to the values we were founded on or should we continue to allow dishonest people in position of power?

One of the worst examples I can think of right now is some who are powerful in our media but do not spread truth but lies, and more lies.  I pray they will have the courage to make changes and become people of integrity again.

There still remains a foundation of absolute truth in our world even when there are those who deny it.

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