Stand and Trust!


When we hear Christians say stand do we really understand what that means?

Does the single mom understand?

Does the Father trying to be a good husband and dad understand?

Do the hurting people going through things understand?

How about just trust God? What does that mean?

Sometimes it seems like people just feel like God is going to just bless them somehow with great wisdom, money, or provisions for whatever is wrong.  Like it will just fall from the sky, but is that what the bible is talking about?  Miracles happen after all but that is not how God typically does things. God loves to use people to bless us or help us.  Sometimes it is those failed relationships, lost opportunities, jobs, children, family, and the list goes on that He uses to grow and teach us.

God uses these tough times in our lives to build the character of God in us.  We often here the word transformed used by Pastor’s or even read it in the bible.  Transformed means we are going through a process to change us.


Change is apart of our lives, so is pain and joy. God does not love us any less because of the season we are in life.  We sometimes question our seasons of life. God is glad to help us through each season even when it is the final season for us on earth.

What does it mean to stand?

Here are just a few keys I hope will help.

  1. The Word of God is powerful that is why we are to be washed with the water of the Word. Meaning we actually need to read it, learn to understand what it is saying, then apply it to our lives and situations.

  2. Prayer- this is our communication with the creator of us all. Prayer can be as simple as learning to talk to God.  We talk about our day, lives, problems, solutions, pain, joy, and others who need help.  I have meant to put this simply.  Prayer need not be hard it is simple. Then, when we thank God, tell God about our lives, tell him of others needing help stop, and listen with silence.

  3. Learn the principles of daily living. Learning the daily principles of living are keys to living a life God can bless.  God has many promises in His word and He is faithful to carry them out.  We also have a part to play in those promises.  We must understand them and what is expected of us.

  4. Learn what the fruit of the Spirit is. Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. These are things we are to grow in our lives.

  5. Humble ourselves and surrender to our purpose God has created for us to fulfill. We must be able to enjoy the journey even when it is not what we expect. The purpose God has created us for will fulfill us.

  6. Realize the Holy Spirit is there to teach us, help us grow, lead us. And empower us to live out our lives for Christ.

With God, the words stand and Trust are action words.

Miraculous things happen when faith and actions come together!

Understand these are just a few things but a great start.


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