Day: January 11, 2018

Reaching for Goals


Small short-term goals

       Every time you set and achieve a goal, your confidence and sense of competence increases. Start your journey by setting small achievable goals and then taking the steps necessary to achieve them.

       Set some easy goals that you would like to achieve this week. It could be applying for that great job you really want or exercising after work tonight. Every time you achieve a small goal, set a new one. As you build your confidence in achieving small goals, you will believe you can achieve big goals.


What is important to you?

Let’s be honest, to achieve any worthwhile goal requires you to do things you would prefer not doing. If your goal is not HIGHLY important to you, you won’t do what’s required of you to achieve it. The obstacles in your path won’t be worth overcoming, because the prize isn’t important enough.


What are the biggest obstacles

      When you look at your goal, ask yourself, “What will be required of me to achieve this goal? What will be the biggest obstacles I will have to overcome?” Make a list of all the things you will need to do and challenges you will likely face and be honest about it.

Will I do what I must to achieve this goal?


       This is the time when you need to be honest and ask yourself one more time, “Is this goal important enough to me that I will make the sacrifices necessary and do what is required of me every day to achieve my goal?” We have to sell out.


       Break your goal down into smaller goals. If your goal is to making 10,000 extra money this year, then set the dates when you will be at $100.00, $500.00, $1000.00 AND SO ON.  If eating right or changing other habits are what you need to do then set these goals with milestones to help keep momentum.

Break your plan down into daily activities

      If you are going to achieve any worthwhile goal you must know what you should be doing each day.  It i knowing what we must do everyday that allows us to keep momentum today the goal.  We see a large goal ahead to say make 100,000 dollars then we need a daily, weekly, monthly, plan or we get overwhelmed.   Just to see that is 273.97 a day or $1917.81 a week.

Following the plan

       Once you know the actions you need to take every day, you must use your personal initiative and discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it. Use grit or will-power to overcome those obstacles.

Be accountable

      Accountability partner always help you stay focused but no one care like you do about your goals. It’s your life and these are your goals. We need to be responsible to follow through on the goals we have. No one care like we do about our lives.

Enjoy the journey

       Do not be all about work and not play.  We have to experience fun. or some reward.  Give yourself a little something every time you push yourself outside your comfort zone. As you reach each goal, reward yourself.


See your goals coming true

      The best way to stay motivated and disciplined is seeing your goals coming true. Create a vision board or something to see and check off things you have done.  Small success leads to larger success.

Hope these help!

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