Day: January 25, 2018

Perry the Wise Owl


Perry book

We are excited to have our new book coming out today.

Perry the Wise Owl series allows adults to instill moral principles in the lives of children. This book on lying and stealing will help children understand why lying can hurt so many people. Perry teaches Tommy great truth about lying and about taking things that do not belong to him. These are issues children deal with as they grow up, and it is important they come to have character in their choices.

These books will not only help children that you may know, but with our scholarship program, it can help others further their education. So, get a book for yourself and one as a gift. It will keep giving forever.

Empowering Ideas

ideas 2


Empowering Ideas

We must take some time to practice listening to ideas and exploring them. It is only then, we can understand if they have merit or not.  Ideas will come in many shapes but a lot of them will not be used right now.  Some may have the potential to be the next big idea.  So, it is worth taking some time and writing them down.  Taking time to work out the details allows us to find the wisdom of ideas.

     Remember, there must be an element of faith, purpose, actions and logic in how to accomplish these ideas. Some ideas should be kept later that is why a journal is a good idea.  These creative ideas can be a wealth of information which can earn someone a lot of income.  We pay for value in our society, if these ideas come with a lot of value. They could always pay well.  They could also change a lot of lives.

     Another key is to become a thinker, someone who exercises their brains.  There is a difference between daydreaming and being a thinker.  Daydreamers dream of lots of wonderful things but no actions are required because they will not follow up with intentions.  The thinker will think things through.  They will decide the actions to allow the idea to develop.  The thinker then will put some actions steps to ideas to determine if they are usable now or later possibly. Daydreamers are a dime a dozen but thinkers are not found near as often with all the work required.

      We must move to the thinker side of things to discover if it is a good or bad idea.  We will get better at this process over time and be able to take what once may have been a weakness and make it a strength.

      God will give us wisdom as we work through our ideas.  We are given a great power to think through ideas to work towards making them happen.  We need faith and actions working together in the right direction to accomplish the goal.