Day: February 2, 2018

2018 can be your breakthrough Year!!!! Follow me on this journey.

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Follow me on this journey and let’s make this a breakthrough year.

Each week I will be giving new articles that will help change your life in 2018.  The question I have to ask, who is willing to go on the journey with me?  Re-post this and share with everyone you know and let them make up their minds to follow this or not.

I am not writing this because I have all the answers but I know the system that will work to change lives. The only thing I will do is guide you and it is up to you to apply each week these principles to your situation.  I believe together we can all have a breakthrough year, not just a good year but a breakthrough year!!!!

Please send me your professions and goals so I can personalize as much as possible. Email me or just leave on the link if you do not care if others see.

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   Twitter: revronbennett

I am willing to invest into your success because that is my heart to help others.  So what will you do? What do you have to loose?

The goal is to have as many people following us so we can have the maximum impact possible and I am not charging for this.  I am available to come speak on many issues and do book signings.

I do recommend getting a copy of my book 10 daily keys to success on Amazon and also the new one The American Entrepreneur when it come out in next couple of months I believe around end of march. Also if you have kids our new Children’s book Perry the wise owl,  available at Westbow press, Barnes and noble, Books a Million, and Amazon. Of course the purchase of these are not needed to take part in this journey.  I do know they will help if you want to invest in them.

The keys are:

  1. Apply the weekly concepts

  2. Write down goals everyday

  3. Make a vision board of some kind. (if you are not sure what that is I will help)

  4. I will have recommended reading on books. (These are up to you, if you choose to read they will only change your life more)

  5. Have something to write with at all times. (small pad and pen or pencil, some like electronics)

  6. Promise to keep an open mind.

  7. Understand these do not provide the fruits right away all the time. Some will and some take time to grow.

  8. The more I know about your situation the better, but I do not have to know who you are, I respect your privacy.

  9. I will even be available to do some personal coaching calls. (one on one or groups up to you)

  10. Be willing to help pay this forward so we can help others.

The first thing I want to suggest is read or read again the post on Reaching for goals.

Make a commitment to actually follow through all year with me.  Sometimes people give up right before their breakthrough comes.

So tell everyone and lets take a journey together…………….

Week one starts officially Sunday February 4th.

Post again to all you want and invite to join us.

Remember I also am a Pastor, if people want to leave prayer requests I will listen and pray.  Thank you, blessings to you all.  The goal is to help one another become ever greater at what we do and who we are.