Day: February 5, 2018

Breakthrough week 1


46 weeks of breakthrough in 2018

The Breakthrough week 1

Let’s begin this new journey of amazing discovery.

Our goals this year:

  1. Reach at least 250,000 people with our books and blog articles.

  2. Help to impact in positive ways 150 families in our other Business.

  3. Finish two more books

  4. Have 50% raise in income created by serving others.

  5. Buy at least 1 new investment property

  6. Read or listen to at least 4 books a month and personally grow

  7. Health getting down to weight I was 4 years ago, continue changing eating habits

  8. Retire one of our businesses we have had over 20 years.

  9. Give away at end of year 10 to 20 scholarships

  10. Personally, mentor as many people as will allow me too.

  11. Personally, grow in my relationships with others and spiritually.

These are examples of this year’s goals in our life, now this is not everything but it gives you some insight into what I am talking about with Goals.  These are goals I am willing to work for and fail forward to accomplish.

I asked that you have some paper and maybe even a cup of coffee or something.  The first week of breakthrough begins with writing down your:



  1. Yearly goals- What do you want to see happen this year in life. Here is something we need to think about what is our purpose now in life. List something on paper or whatever you want to write down upon.  The key we need is what do you want to see happen this year. Ideas to make you think

Health, money goals, debt reduce, career change, growth, family, and much more just start to understand what is important to you, I mean deeply important.

  1. Make a vision board or visual that can help you focus on the passionate goal you want. The key here is to be specific about what that looks like and feels life.  Envision it and feel it in your life.  If you need help google vision board creation or email me.

  2. Month for Feb. What do you need to accomplish in Feb. to work toward your yearly goals?

  3. Goals for the week and each week to accomplish them. These are detailed daily goals that we need to accomplish to reach a large goal. Example if we are wanting to lose 15 pounds in 30 days then we need to lose ½ pound per day.  So how many calories, what kinds of foods, choices, drinks, and more will help accomplish the result of ½ pound per day.  So, make a daily schedule with some choices not just one to reach the goals. We must understand who we are and know we may need a small reward each day or week to help keep us motivated,

  4. Are these goals or dreams something that will excited you enough to push you to go beyond the normal efforts? I mean if you are faced with defeat are you willing to push ahead beyond your fears or failures. There comes a time when we must decide what are wishes and what are real life goals. Wishes would come in the form of things we wish for that we want but we are not willing to put much effort into getting them. Life goals we will do whatever it takes to continue till we reach them, no matter what.  Of course, we are not comprising our values or morals.

  5. Now who will you hold yourself accountable too. I am going to share our results and accountability with you every week on our list above.  How about you it is important to have this partner or partners.

  6. Now that you begin to separate the important goals this year to you I want you to join me in writing them down every morning or night.

  7. Pick a book to spend with this month for self-improvement.

  8. Write 5 affirmations about yourself and where you are going in your life. These are meant to be short and must be stretching and believable.

  9. Okay so now is there anyone who is serious about this journey with me? If so prepare these this week and begin writing the daily affirmations, goals, vision board, and all the other tasks. Does anyone else want to win so bad they are willing to commit to do this journey with me this year. Remember we are going on this together and you must allow your journey to be about your life. Always welcome to share with me if you want at my email.

People have said to me many times that they want to do something great.  It takes a passion and a fire that burns inside us.  It is us coming to a point when we are tired of where we are and now must change the future we are headed in.

I remember several times in my life that I had to rely on this passion to either move into the next chapter of my life or fall backwards.  I had to decide is the pain of change in a good way worth the efforts.  The truth in life I have learned is this…

We either change to move forward or we lack change which only takes us back.  In life we are on a journey and we either move forward or backwards, the only question is what will we do?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing in life and expecting different results.  It is time to make changes for the new results I want in my life.

So, week one begins and now let us move forward into greatness.