Day: February 7, 2018

Building Breakthrough principles in life.



Professionalism is important in how we interact with others.  Some of us are business owners, some employees, some stay at home moms, and many other ways we do what we do.  The key I am talking about is that whatever we are doing to do so with the approach of a professional.  The professional keeps in mind others needs and what is in their best interest.

The person who is acting according to a set code of morals will make decisions based on everyone’s best interest. We are trained to put the interest of our clients before our own.  The code of ethics come into play.  I realize this may seem unusually that even a stay at home mom should be professional.  As a single dad of 4 for 5 years I do believe that whatever we do to add value to others is worth our professional efforts.

P.S. I believe raising kids is priceless.


We all should be giving others respect.  I understand we do not all agree on many things.  The truth that many of us may even have deep divides.  We still should respect each other enough to care and give opportunity for others to believe or have options.

I am saddened that our respect for human life seems to be growing less over time.  We are all created priceless with great purpose. We are all valuable and we need one another to make our countries greater. Self respect is sometimes missing when people have a low esteem they can lose self respect.


Trust is built between people, groups, and organizations.  Without trust it is almost impossible to get anything done together.  Without trust both parties cannot believe if the information they are getting is true.  Most of our agreements in life are built on trust.  Loans are based on trust to pay back the money with interest.  Trust misused can lead to great damage and legal trouble.

Trust is a key foundation in our society, a key foundation to freedom. People will act in a trustworthy fashion is a basic principle we all follow.


We all have great value to add to society.  Many of us have talents and skills that will help improve others’ lives.  Inventions happen every day that help others live longer, walk, talk, communicate, and so many other wonderful things.  We all have value to give.

We determine how much we make by our value.  The more value we can add to more we can make.  That is why so many people choose to work for themselves.  They want to have an unlimited income based on their value offered.  The goal of me writing is to add value to others and hope to help build others success.

Meeting needs

One of the greatest ways to create honest income is to fill a void of need. We all have needs and those who meet them we pay to do so. The example that I think of most is the healthcare field.  We have so many ways doctors, nurses, aids, and others work in medical industry to help serve people.  We pay them well to help us, they are filling a need.


Having knowledge is important.  Many people today are going to college and other educational routes to learn more and more.  The more educated our society gets the less common sense we can have. Knowledge is everywhere but if knowledge where enough to make us all successful as parents, business owner, employees, and so on we would be.

The importance of knowledge cannot not be overlooked. Knowledge itself can be a dangerous thing if there is no understanding or wisdom.  There are so many knowledgeable people who do not understand how things work.  People years ago, were mostly mentored into jobs, parenting, business, and other areas of life.  Today too often we rely on education with no real understanding to start us on the journey of life which allows for a lot of falling forward.  It also can afford great mistakes or misunderstandings.


     Understanding is when knowledge and how to apply it come together.  When someone understands a topic, they can bring together wisdom inside of their decisions.  I listen to the news sometimes and it is often very clear who has knowledge but is not exercising understanding. Wisdom comes from both put together but also out of a set core value of principles. If there is not an absolute truth in our society then wisdom would not be able to stand.

It sadness me to see people that undermine our social values, laws, and truths.  We should be careful how we approach these things.  In looking at civilizations the ones who lost their wisdom of absolute truth for what they referred to as enlightenment (allowing anything to be accepted) lost their strength.  We must keep our lives built upon a solid foundation and principles in which we operate.

introductions (meeting People)

     Introductions in life are keys to success at whatever level you find yourself.  The saying we are only 4 people away from knowing the world is true in so many ways.  Today with technology we are even closer.  The personal introduction is important for us to create an impression and begin to develop trust. Trust cannot truly be developed just by reputation alone as it is only surface trust.  We need that of interaction that begins to develop real trust.

Introductions is like gold waiting to be discovered but if we do not seek them we are left broke.  Our lives, body, soul, spirit was created with that need for relationships in them.  To truly operate at our peaks, we need to have relationships. I know there are loners but they can suffer for it or delay their ability to grow if they do not have people introducing activates in their lives.


       The thing that impacts our lives so much is serving.  To be unselfish is to one of the greatest powers we possess. Those who are self-focused will often find they are not truly happy.  They still have that void on the inside that truly wants to be filled so they find something to mask their emptiness.  We are created to be servants to our fellow men helping one another achieve things, create things, and work in common efforts are powerful principles.  Theses have allowed who societies to flourish.

We have many examples of servants in the world and one of my favorites of course is Jesus.  The master servant.  There are many other people who have served and became extremely wealthy.  I do not mean just riches but wealthy in life.  The servant will have a wealth of love, friendships, trust, understanding, and so much more than riches.

These are not meant to be exhaustive each one could have books written on the subjects. The key is to see a picture of what these can mean in our everyday lives and how they can add greatly needed value to our lives.  I do not pretend to know everything but I can say these principles have been made true in my own life over and again.  I am continuing to learn more and grow every day.  I will bring some more to the table to feast on in other posts, thank you for reading.


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