Day: February 8, 2018

The Fire of Love



The Fire of Love

The question I have been asked is what is the Fire of Love?

Love is so interesting filled with passion and dreams.  People who fall in love often dream endlessly about their relationship.  They feel such emotions that power their creativity and push them to do whatever it takes to win that love.  The feelings of love are celebrated on TV and many movies and books are written about the feelings of love.

When we talk romantic love between two people we almost always are speaking of feelings.  We call the first stage of marriage the honeymoon stage.  The reason why psychologists have deemed this the honeymoon stage is the feeling of love is so strong but then it wears off. Yes, the strong emotional love balances out and then another type of love must be balanced with emotional love, commitment love.

The commitment love is when we decide to love.  The decision to love often for some has a cap upon it.  There are things people tell us their love commitment will not stand for.  Their commitment of love is no matter what forever, I will love and be with you.  Those committed to love this way often stay together though all the problems of love.  Even adultery, lies, stealing, or any faults that come along. These people do not base their love on how they are treated but on commitment to the relationship.

I am not saying anyone should stay in a bad relationship but just pointing out types of love.

The commitment love can be a surface commitment. One perceived lie and it’s over.  It can be even once the feeling of love has worn off.  The facts are in many studies that many marriages and relationships are terminated within two years of feelings of love balancing with commitment of love.

Understand there is a lot of studies behind these statements but I will not go into it or will I argue if they are right or wrong.  These can be argued over, of course.  Assume though with me that there are two main categories of love.

Feelings of love or emotions of love

Commitment of love

What category would you be in?  Look at your relationships what kind of love are you willing to give? What about love when it comes to families? Love when it comes to friends?

The goal of this article is to make us think about what types of love and commitment to love others, do we have. Do we only provide surface love with emotions or commitment love that can go very deep?

What commitment is there to real love in my life.

Just some thought to think about…with February the 14th coming up.