Love is intoxicating

True love is intoxicating and fulfilling

We often think of intoxicating as only emotions but it so much more. When we are intoxicated we are filled with love or full of love. The intoxicating love moves us to do things we normally would not do. This can be an incredible positive action in our lives or it can be hurtful.

When we are full of love we are like as magnet. We are even like a fire that is catching as others will be warmed by the Love we have. We may even be partly responsible for setting others a blaze with Love.

What is intoxicating love?

I will be revealing this in my next post and more to come. Watch for my new book as well intoxicating love.

Love is passionate, love is strong, love is truthful, love is forgiving, love is powerful, love is eternal, love is intoxicating, love is believing, love never fails it stands the test. True Love is endless it will endure for eternity

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