Day: February 20, 2018

Fail or do not succeed.


I would rather try to accomplish things than do nothing.

Today I am dedicating this post to all of us who try.

Questions to ponder:

Would you rather try to do something and fail or do nothing at all?

Do you care more about what people think than about your dreams?

Is it worth the risk of trying, making a mistake, and learning from it?

Some people will answer these quickly but I want us to be honest and slow down.  Really ask yourself these questions.  How many things in life did I not attempt because we fear failure or what others may think.  People seem to love judging others.  Some people have a hard time believing someone can become more than their limited thinking will allow.

If I am honest I know there are many things.  I did not start writing till I was much older because of what someone said to me many years ago.  There are businesses I did not start and other things I did not try to accomplish worrying what others thought and my own inabilities.  I now understand that the worst question is the one we do not ask.  The biggest failure in life are the dreams we do not attempt and the things we allow others to stop us from trying.

P.S. disclaimer quick I am not talking about immoral things or drugs, crazy acts.  I also am talking about trying things that we can learn and grow at.  It takes mistakes to become great at things, even mediocre. When are kids we do not stop trying to talk or walk because we fail, do we? We keep trying till we do it.

I understand not everyone will enjoy hearing me speak publicly but I do not do it for that reason.  I know not everyone will like what I write.  The fact is some people will not like my personality.  It is okay, I love people and care about others and with that comes rejection.  If we truly want to make a difference in life we will face others who push back.  Change is hard.  I remember in school being punched in the face and telling this guy the next swing I punch back.  He wanted to be friends after that, crazy but that is life.

People often do not even care until they know how much we care.  Sometimes they still do not care but I choose to love and care about others anyway.  I choose to try to make a difference, to grow, become better, help others, and become who I was created to be.  What about you, this post is not all about me it’s about those who choose to dare read it.

 Will you challenge yourself to step out in faith to grow and follow your life’s purpose?

Will you fail forward?