Who’s dream are we living?


Who’s dream are we living?

      Dreams must be our own not our parents, friends, bosses, or people we look up too.  They must be important to us. The dream must have a why factor. If not we unlikely will not accomplish the dream.

     The why factor is the reason we the dream moves us to action.  It must be a reason that will propel us into action. The why bring clarity and results in our lives as the passion to achieve the why out weights the fear factor.



What is in my control?

      Is the Dream something within our actual control or not?  Does our dream depend upon our own skills only or also the help of others?  Is the skills sets, education, and abilities all something you can do or learn?  These are questions to answer as we consider the dream

Is there passion to follow through?

       This is the passion question. Think of your last great accomplishment. How much energy did it require of you? Is your dream important enough that you will put forth the energy necessary over the time required?

This is a brief excerpt from my new book coming out very soon.  I wanted to share this portion as it is relevant to our discussions lately.

Copywritten materials from the book: The America Entrepreneur

Author Ron Bennett 2018

These materials may be quoted or re-posted.

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