What do we stand for?

God cross

What do we stand for?

I stand for:

The Freedom





Bridging the gaps of trust

Loving those who even hurt us

Understanding other viewpoints

Compassionate ministry – helping others

Absolute truth



American Flag and pledge



The cross

I stand for one nation under God.

This is not an exhaustive list but a beginning. We all stand for something as doing nothing is still doing something.  We should be open to learn, humble, but solid in our beliefs.  The goal is not to tell you what to stand for because we all must work that out for ourselves.  I am not advertising political parties but advertising true love of our country and values in America. I understand some of the people here are not from America, but we all can make a stand on moral values. We all know lying, stealing, and so on are wrong.

I love people and believe that we are all created with priceless value.  We are created for an incredible purpose in life, your purpose.  I believe we should value life, value healthy relationships, values family, value friendship, and value our neighbors.  We all have great value to add to people and them to us.  We may not always agree but we can do so without hate.  Anger and bitterness are cancers eating away at so many lives today but love and forgiveness is the cure.

I ask now what is you are willing to stand for?

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