The Anticipation of need


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We cannot see the future but anticipation of what a client needs can be accomplished. It takes research and forethought with a level of accuracy. We can use research to help us understand the things our clients will need.  As they grow older they have new needs.  The product we serve them with may need updating and so on.

The products like cars often grow older and less reliable.  Turnover on cars are high compared to that of an airplane.  The price tags are different as well but in each industry, we see them keep coming up with better cars and planes.  These industry leaders are always working to compete, grow, change, and improve.  It makes the whole industry better thanks to the healthy servant attitude.

The varying ways businesses can serve people are limitless but some foundations are always found.

  1. Professionalism

  2. Respect

  3. Trust

  4. Value

  5. Meeting needs

  6. Knowledge

  7. Understanding

  8. introductions (meeting People)

  9. Serving

      There are more that can be added but the value of this book is to help us see examples. We must use our creative minds to think of ways these tools can aid the business owner.  The years we have been in business has taught us to be servants.

      We should be creative servants.  Being creative in serving is an empowering way of leading.  No matter the field the servant leader is a great asset.

       The servant is defined as “one who performs duties for others” (Webster). When we focus on helping others reach their goals and accomplish their dreams. Faith and action are about to blossom. The greatest things that happened too many of the great Entrepreneurs were by accident.

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Ron Bennett

The American Entrepreneur

2018 copyright.

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