Truth can offend us or empower us


Truth can offend us or empower us

When we see things that are wrong and overlook them it becomes easier every time to continue. Soon it is as if it does not exist. It becomes like wrong is normal almost right. Truth is what sheds the light on what is wrong but truth can offend us and empower us.


What are the values we have in our work and businesses?

What are the values we have for our families?

What are our social values?

What are our relationship values?


Let us look at this statement before we judge it.  Look at a business for example often people will overlook procedures that are in place.  To some it may seem not important.  They may even not understand why they are there.  So, they start to allow them to slide.  It happens in companies all over the world every day. It happens in our homes everyday and relationships with others.  The problem is most problems start as small issues that grow larger.  We have seen even mass losses of life by overlooked issues.

They happen so what keeps someone from not neglecting their job of following the rules?

What stops us from allowing our relationships from suffering?

How can we empower our personal relationships?

How can we allow truth to empower us as employees or business owners?

The values of being truthful and honest.  We are told that these things are expected out of us when doing our jobs.

How about getting married to honor and love till death do us part?

Problems arise in relationships of all kinds and as employees and business owner if truth is not present. It then becomes dishonest when we do not do what we are expected to do.  What could we do if we disagree?  Ask for explanations or ask for change in business.  If that does not work then we are at a crossroads ethically.  We either do it or find another job. It is hard to stand for values.

The truth at some point in life become painful.  The problem I have seen throughout history is people often can start with truth and things go well.  People then can allow truth to slowly weaken, white lies, what we consider small can cause major problems in our lives.

Most of our cultures are founded on principles of what is morally right and wrong. In leadership we have principles to live by and the truth of those shining on our lives can expose areas we need to work on.  We will always have issues we need to strengthen in our lives but purposeful work on them is the powerful key.  I look back at my life and see so much growth.  The problem is I look now and still feel like I am at a low level.  The more I grow and learn the more I realize I still have a lot to learn. This is not written to preach to us but to speak to our hearts that change is a normal part of life.  Growth is supposed to be a moral part of life.

The truth or thing overlooked also applies to our lives outside of work as well.  We all have areas of growth in our lives.  The way we see these areas in our lives and businesses is to shine the truth or our value principles on them.  The problem some have with this is they have no set values or principles.  There are many people who just go with the flow and whatever feels right is right to them.  That does not work in business or in life very successfully.  We have history to show us this very clearly.  As a Pastor and business man I have some set principles that I live by in my life.  These work in both areas every day.  I have a lot of work to do to grow better at these principles.

When our business culture and life culture in general have these principles we all work together much better.  I am not saying to be puppets of course or not to think for ourselves. We all agree that murder is wrong in most places.  Stealing from our employers is wrong.

I urge to look at what principles we have or believe and understand why we have them. The next step is to judge our lives in work and private against them.  This can be painful if we are honest.  The reason we need to do this in all areas of our lives is to help us grow toward the success we want in life.

I think we see some will overlap in these.  I am not going to tell you what values to have but I think some of mine come through.  If we have no values system it is like living life with no plan.  If a person has no plan for life or road map it is hard to go to a destination point.  We may find the destination to be far from what we hoped for.  A plan allows us to reach our goals and achieve them.  We may not be exact in doing so but we will move in the direction we have set for our lives.  Now I hope we are seeing the importance of this article on week 4.

How does truth empower us?

  1. A strong foundation

  2. Freedom- not having things hanging over our heads.

  3. People’s trust and respect

  4. We have favor come to us when we live truthful to our purpose and an action filled life.

  5. Business people know they can count on us and where we stand.

  6. Customers feel comfortable with us

  7. Our boss and coworkers feel comfortable with us.

I would love some feedback about what else truth does to empower us.

I cannot emphasize the importance of set principles in business and life. There are some that will never change and some are guides that will become clearer over time or may change some.

2 thoughts on “Truth can offend us or empower us”

  1. This is great. One other way that truth empowers us is that it allows us to receive feedback with a non-defensive mind. If we know we are beloved by God and worthy then we can stand firm in that when hearing feedback about our performance our product. We are more likely to receive and adapt from valuable feedback when our identity is rooted in who we are and not what we’ve done.

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    1. I am reminded writing my first book I made so many mistakes. God inspired that I step into that call and wow I have been learning. God knew that it would become a true fulfilling love of mine. Thank you and I pray that God may use something I write to inspire or speak to someone. To enrich another’s life is truly priceless, blessings to you

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