Day: February 28, 2018

Judging our own hearts

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Judging our own hearts

When is the last time we stopped to judge our own hearts and character?  Is it possible we spend so much of our time judging others right or wrong actions? Have we taken time to look inside our own hearts? Are we truly happy with our own actions or who we are becoming?


Are there consequences for doing nothing?

Are people impacted by our inactions?

Are we impacted by not acting when we feel we should?

Are there conquests to immoral or values behavior good and bad?

There are those who will say no and some yes to these questions. I have studied our culture and the impacts of actions and inactions.  I have noticed some interesting things that I thought would be important to discuss.

All cultures that move away from morality toward immorality fail, there are numerous examples through history.  I do not have time to discuss them but the research is very clear on this.  It has been moral or value failures that all kingdoms have fallen in most cases if not all (as far as I can tell all of them).

What will happen if we do not judge our own hearts to see who we are becoming?

We see a mirror imagine in our cultures of our values, what does that say to us?

When is the last time on the news we were told to judge our own actions or hearts when there are moral or values failures?

Does our culture impact our homes more than our own character or moral values?

Do we still believe moral or values we once held dear in the past are still ours today? Have we changed our minds and if so what is the root of why?

Just thought we might want to consider these questions a little I have been.  I thought maybe it would be beneficial to all of us to think about this.

I have to say that in judging my own heart I have found many things to change and look at.  I know who I want to be and become but sometimes my actions are not lining up with my thoughts of who I want to become.