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Breakthrough week 2: Time to reprogram our thinking.



Breakthrough week 2

We have journeyed to a new week.  I am believing we all have done our homework.  So, we have a vision board finished or at least mostly done.  We should have affirmations we are using daily.  We also should have a list of goals that are long-term and short-term.  I hope we are writing these daily to instill within us our vision.

We move on this week with a subject that I believe is critical in our lives.  Forgiveness and loving others.

Let me lay this out a little like this:

In business and life people will hurt us and may offend us in ways we only understand subconsciously.  We all have had those people who are in our face.  These people we know have hurt us or harmed us in some way.  Many people think of forgiveness as have I apologized to them or tried to reconcile in some way.  Well this often allows us to forgive others on the surface.  Does it help us with the deeper issues?

There are times in life that we must search our hearts and humble ourselves and take a good look where it is we are in life.  Who we are, be careful this is not who we feel we are.  It is who we are at this moment honestly. 

I remember when I was younger my Dad was not there to teach me things.  Our parents divorced when I was about 8.  I spent a long time going to see my dad but wow did he have some issues.  I moved away when I was 13 and my dad was in a nursing home by then.  I never knew what it was like to have a dad give me advice, but I did have a relationship with Jesus.  I looked to God as a father figure in multiple ways.  I went through some dark times in childhood and as I grew up.  I never have forgotten though what I would say, my dad never taught me anything!

I had to revise that some years ago.  My father died before he could have me visit with my first child.  He died at the hospital as we watched him take his last breath.  It was a hard day and I remember us carrying the casket.  I loved my dad even though I never really got to know him.  There were times as the years passed I would just breakdown crying wishing I could know my father. Hoping he could see my kids. 

I revised my saying serval years later.  I now say my dad taught me so much….  Yes, he sure did! There are things as a father that I knew never to do because of my dad.  I knew I would never leave my kids.  I never did even though at times it was tough, as I became a single father of 4 small children.  I grew stronger but I also soon realized some lessons.  I want to share some of them with you today.

Most people have failures, pains, disappointments, hurt, shame, blame, confusion, suffering loss, and so much more we experience as we grow up.  All of this leaves behind baggage that can have a major effect on our lives today.

  1. I have learnt to ask God to search my heart. We need our hearts to be searched for things that we push aside or hide from the past.  I have struggled to fulfill the plan God has for me as a leader at times because I will see success, then back away feeling like I do not deserve it, or I am not good enough to have it.  The reality is I am because I was created to have these things.  The problem then lies the fact I need to reprogram my thinking correctly about our lives and who we are.  I need to also deal with the past, understand it, and move forward. How do you see yourself? Wait stop, let me ask again.  Honestly, take a moment, how do you see yourself? Are you courageous, selfish, loving, strong, weak, tired, wise, not smart, and we can add others.  How do we really see ourselves?  Do we pass up opportunities because we feel we cannot do it, we might fail, we are worried what others think?

P.S.  Understand if you are doing wrong things on purpose you will get negative consequences.

  1. We unfortunately are not programed for success in life. Most of us can remember certain sayings in our homes. Money doesn’t grow on trees.  We cannot afford it.  Get a job, get a home, get a car, work is hard, you do not have to like what you do but you need to do it anyway, and many other things.  The truth is most of us are programed generation after generation to not reach our full potential.  We are not taught to step out in faith.  We are not actually told or make to understand that people who own businesses make the most money. We often are taught people who are rich or wealthy are not good.  Money is not evil it is a tool but people’s hearts can be evil.  When we love money and it consumes us we have problems.

We in fact need to reprogram our thinking so this week I have some things I will write about to help us to being to think properly. 


Take and continue what we are doing in week one finish it.  Continue to write down goals and affirmations.  Also begin the process of really searching our hearts honestly.  What things or saying are programmed in my mind?  I am not here to blame our parents or anyone else.  I am here to take responsibility my own actions and say what needs to be reprogrammed in my life. Write down a few of the ideas and things that come to you and let’s begin this week on the journey of forgiveness and a life of truly loving.



The Fire of Love



The Fire of Love

The question I have been asked is what is the Fire of Love?

Love is so interesting filled with passion and dreams.  People who fall in love often dream endlessly about their relationship.  They feel such emotions that power their creativity and push them to do whatever it takes to win that love.  The feelings of love are celebrated on TV and many movies and books are written about the feelings of love.

When we talk romantic love between two people we almost always are speaking of feelings.  We call the first stage of marriage the honeymoon stage.  The reason why psychologists have deemed this the honeymoon stage is the feeling of love is so strong but then it wears off. Yes, the strong emotional love balances out and then another type of love must be balanced with emotional love, commitment love.

The commitment love is when we decide to love.  The decision to love often for some has a cap upon it.  There are things people tell us their love commitment will not stand for.  Their commitment of love is no matter what forever, I will love and be with you.  Those committed to love this way often stay together though all the problems of love.  Even adultery, lies, stealing, or any faults that come along. These people do not base their love on how they are treated but on commitment to the relationship.

I am not saying anyone should stay in a bad relationship but just pointing out types of love.

The commitment love can be a surface commitment. One perceived lie and it’s over.  It can be even once the feeling of love has worn off.  The facts are in many studies that many marriages and relationships are terminated within two years of feelings of love balancing with commitment of love.

Understand there is a lot of studies behind these statements but I will not go into it or will I argue if they are right or wrong.  These can be argued over, of course.  Assume though with me that there are two main categories of love.

Feelings of love or emotions of love

Commitment of love

What category would you be in?  Look at your relationships what kind of love are you willing to give? What about love when it comes to families? Love when it comes to friends?

The goal of this article is to make us think about what types of love and commitment to love others, do we have. Do we only provide surface love with emotions or commitment love that can go very deep?

What commitment is there to real love in my life.

Just some thought to think about…with February the 14th coming up.

Building Breakthrough principles in life.



Professionalism is important in how we interact with others.  Some of us are business owners, some employees, some stay at home moms, and many other ways we do what we do.  The key I am talking about is that whatever we are doing to do so with the approach of a professional.  The professional keeps in mind others needs and what is in their best interest.

The person who is acting according to a set code of morals will make decisions based on everyone’s best interest. We are trained to put the interest of our clients before our own.  The code of ethics come into play.  I realize this may seem unusually that even a stay at home mom should be professional.  As a single dad of 4 for 5 years I do believe that whatever we do to add value to others is worth our professional efforts.

P.S. I believe raising kids is priceless.


We all should be giving others respect.  I understand we do not all agree on many things.  The truth that many of us may even have deep divides.  We still should respect each other enough to care and give opportunity for others to believe or have options.

I am saddened that our respect for human life seems to be growing less over time.  We are all created priceless with great purpose. We are all valuable and we need one another to make our countries greater. Self respect is sometimes missing when people have a low esteem they can lose self respect.


Trust is built between people, groups, and organizations.  Without trust it is almost impossible to get anything done together.  Without trust both parties cannot believe if the information they are getting is true.  Most of our agreements in life are built on trust.  Loans are based on trust to pay back the money with interest.  Trust misused can lead to great damage and legal trouble.

Trust is a key foundation in our society, a key foundation to freedom. People will act in a trustworthy fashion is a basic principle we all follow.


We all have great value to add to society.  Many of us have talents and skills that will help improve others’ lives.  Inventions happen every day that help others live longer, walk, talk, communicate, and so many other wonderful things.  We all have value to give.

We determine how much we make by our value.  The more value we can add to more we can make.  That is why so many people choose to work for themselves.  They want to have an unlimited income based on their value offered.  The goal of me writing is to add value to others and hope to help build others success.

Meeting needs

One of the greatest ways to create honest income is to fill a void of need. We all have needs and those who meet them we pay to do so. The example that I think of most is the healthcare field.  We have so many ways doctors, nurses, aids, and others work in medical industry to help serve people.  We pay them well to help us, they are filling a need.


Having knowledge is important.  Many people today are going to college and other educational routes to learn more and more.  The more educated our society gets the less common sense we can have. Knowledge is everywhere but if knowledge where enough to make us all successful as parents, business owner, employees, and so on we would be.

The importance of knowledge cannot not be overlooked. Knowledge itself can be a dangerous thing if there is no understanding or wisdom.  There are so many knowledgeable people who do not understand how things work.  People years ago, were mostly mentored into jobs, parenting, business, and other areas of life.  Today too often we rely on education with no real understanding to start us on the journey of life which allows for a lot of falling forward.  It also can afford great mistakes or misunderstandings.


     Understanding is when knowledge and how to apply it come together.  When someone understands a topic, they can bring together wisdom inside of their decisions.  I listen to the news sometimes and it is often very clear who has knowledge but is not exercising understanding. Wisdom comes from both put together but also out of a set core value of principles. If there is not an absolute truth in our society then wisdom would not be able to stand.

It sadness me to see people that undermine our social values, laws, and truths.  We should be careful how we approach these things.  In looking at civilizations the ones who lost their wisdom of absolute truth for what they referred to as enlightenment (allowing anything to be accepted) lost their strength.  We must keep our lives built upon a solid foundation and principles in which we operate.

introductions (meeting People)

     Introductions in life are keys to success at whatever level you find yourself.  The saying we are only 4 people away from knowing the world is true in so many ways.  Today with technology we are even closer.  The personal introduction is important for us to create an impression and begin to develop trust. Trust cannot truly be developed just by reputation alone as it is only surface trust.  We need that of interaction that begins to develop real trust.

Introductions is like gold waiting to be discovered but if we do not seek them we are left broke.  Our lives, body, soul, spirit was created with that need for relationships in them.  To truly operate at our peaks, we need to have relationships. I know there are loners but they can suffer for it or delay their ability to grow if they do not have people introducing activates in their lives.


       The thing that impacts our lives so much is serving.  To be unselfish is to one of the greatest powers we possess. Those who are self-focused will often find they are not truly happy.  They still have that void on the inside that truly wants to be filled so they find something to mask their emptiness.  We are created to be servants to our fellow men helping one another achieve things, create things, and work in common efforts are powerful principles.  Theses have allowed who societies to flourish.

We have many examples of servants in the world and one of my favorites of course is Jesus.  The master servant.  There are many other people who have served and became extremely wealthy.  I do not mean just riches but wealthy in life.  The servant will have a wealth of love, friendships, trust, understanding, and so much more than riches.

These are not meant to be exhaustive each one could have books written on the subjects. The key is to see a picture of what these can mean in our everyday lives and how they can add greatly needed value to our lives.  I do not pretend to know everything but I can say these principles have been made true in my own life over and again.  I am continuing to learn more and grow every day.  I will bring some more to the table to feast on in other posts, thank you for reading.


Please be aware these have copyrighted materials and may be used in articles and posts thank you. 2018 copyright.

Breakthrough week 1


46 weeks of breakthrough in 2018

The Breakthrough week 1

Let’s begin this new journey of amazing discovery.

Our goals this year:

  1. Reach at least 250,000 people with our books and blog articles.

  2. Help to impact in positive ways 150 families in our other Business.

  3. Finish two more books

  4. Have 50% raise in income created by serving others.

  5. Buy at least 1 new investment property

  6. Read or listen to at least 4 books a month and personally grow

  7. Health getting down to weight I was 4 years ago, continue changing eating habits

  8. Retire one of our businesses we have had over 20 years.

  9. Give away at end of year 10 to 20 scholarships

  10. Personally, mentor as many people as will allow me too.

  11. Personally, grow in my relationships with others and spiritually.

These are examples of this year’s goals in our life, now this is not everything but it gives you some insight into what I am talking about with Goals.  These are goals I am willing to work for and fail forward to accomplish.

I asked that you have some paper and maybe even a cup of coffee or something.  The first week of breakthrough begins with writing down your:



  1. Yearly goals- What do you want to see happen this year in life. Here is something we need to think about what is our purpose now in life. List something on paper or whatever you want to write down upon.  The key we need is what do you want to see happen this year. Ideas to make you think

Health, money goals, debt reduce, career change, growth, family, and much more just start to understand what is important to you, I mean deeply important.

  1. Make a vision board or visual that can help you focus on the passionate goal you want. The key here is to be specific about what that looks like and feels life.  Envision it and feel it in your life.  If you need help google vision board creation or email me.

  2. Month for Feb. What do you need to accomplish in Feb. to work toward your yearly goals?

  3. Goals for the week and each week to accomplish them. These are detailed daily goals that we need to accomplish to reach a large goal. Example if we are wanting to lose 15 pounds in 30 days then we need to lose ½ pound per day.  So how many calories, what kinds of foods, choices, drinks, and more will help accomplish the result of ½ pound per day.  So, make a daily schedule with some choices not just one to reach the goals. We must understand who we are and know we may need a small reward each day or week to help keep us motivated,

  4. Are these goals or dreams something that will excited you enough to push you to go beyond the normal efforts? I mean if you are faced with defeat are you willing to push ahead beyond your fears or failures. There comes a time when we must decide what are wishes and what are real life goals. Wishes would come in the form of things we wish for that we want but we are not willing to put much effort into getting them. Life goals we will do whatever it takes to continue till we reach them, no matter what.  Of course, we are not comprising our values or morals.

  5. Now who will you hold yourself accountable too. I am going to share our results and accountability with you every week on our list above.  How about you it is important to have this partner or partners.

  6. Now that you begin to separate the important goals this year to you I want you to join me in writing them down every morning or night.

  7. Pick a book to spend with this month for self-improvement.

  8. Write 5 affirmations about yourself and where you are going in your life. These are meant to be short and must be stretching and believable.

  9. Okay so now is there anyone who is serious about this journey with me? If so prepare these this week and begin writing the daily affirmations, goals, vision board, and all the other tasks. Does anyone else want to win so bad they are willing to commit to do this journey with me this year. Remember we are going on this together and you must allow your journey to be about your life. Always welcome to share with me if you want at my email.

People have said to me many times that they want to do something great.  It takes a passion and a fire that burns inside us.  It is us coming to a point when we are tired of where we are and now must change the future we are headed in.

I remember several times in my life that I had to rely on this passion to either move into the next chapter of my life or fall backwards.  I had to decide is the pain of change in a good way worth the efforts.  The truth in life I have learned is this…

We either change to move forward or we lack change which only takes us back.  In life we are on a journey and we either move forward or backwards, the only question is what will we do?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing in life and expecting different results.  It is time to make changes for the new results I want in my life.

So, week one begins and now let us move forward into greatness.

Momentum – Pushing ahead



Momentum is something people often underestimate in leadership.  Business is moved to greatness through momentum.  We we see momentum building we should do all we can to create an environment to allow it to flourish. Things can happen quicker, more creative things done, people will reach more potential during times of great momentum.  Foster an environment to create momentum in your business and team.  Do so with compliance and integrity and watch what can happen.

Momentum is more than moving forward it is moving at a pace that is faster than you can go by yourself.  One key to momentum is the joy that must be embedded in the journey.  Joy, fun, excitement, passion, these are part of what takes us toward quicker results.

When we have a meeting with someone who is passionate about what they say.  A person who has joy on their face and love in their hearts.  We see it all over their countenance and we feel their electric personality coming through.  We all can be this type of person when we tap into the purpose of our lives and we are excited about that purpose.

I know there are several subjects that I can talk about like Finances, family, leadership, helping others, that just get my juices flowing.  I will light up like a Christmas tree.  Writing is one of those passions that I am developing in my life.

Monument will cause things to happen in ways we never imagined.  I am filled with excitement as I write this book and the passion inside of me is leaping, jumping at the possibility of helping someone become successful.

Does the activity you are involved in cause great passion inside of you?  If it does not then when we reach those times of decision when it seems we are about to fail we will give up instead of push forward into success.

As I finish this topic I want you to understand momentum must be with the leader more than those following.  I am sure at this point if the leader is not filled with passion and desire then those following will never caught the vision or never create momentum.

Imagine the picture we have all probably seen of the man pushing the boulder up the hill.  Just like the man we are pushing the boulder up the hill but if we do not create and keep momentum it will come back to crush us.  When we use momentum to push the boulder over the peak of the mountain we are climbing we see it pick up momentum faster than we ourselves could ever create alone.

The facts are this is life we are pushing to get our ideas or business off the ground pushing it up the hill.  It takes incredible effort and selling out to see it reaches the top.  At some point we will feel like we are not going to make it but we keep pushing.  People who see this passion inside of us will come along the journey and when we have them helping to push it’s just a little quicker, but not easier.

Then we have another come along till soon we have reached the top and then it is like a thousand people are pushing as it rolls quickly.  Our business if properly done will have this process and we are responsible for being the main momentum creator.

Copywrite 2018

Book:  The American Entrepreneur

By Ron Bennett

Westbow Press

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2018 can be your breakthrough Year!!!! Follow me on this journey.

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Follow me on this journey and let’s make this a breakthrough year.

Each week I will be giving new articles that will help change your life in 2018.  The question I have to ask, who is willing to go on the journey with me?  Re-post this and share with everyone you know and let them make up their minds to follow this or not.

I am not writing this because I have all the answers but I know the system that will work to change lives. The only thing I will do is guide you and it is up to you to apply each week these principles to your situation.  I believe together we can all have a breakthrough year, not just a good year but a breakthrough year!!!!

Please send me your professions and goals so I can personalize as much as possible. Email me or just leave on the link if you do not care if others see.

Facebook: revronbennettauthorpage


   Twitter: revronbennett

I am willing to invest into your success because that is my heart to help others.  So what will you do? What do you have to loose?

The goal is to have as many people following us so we can have the maximum impact possible and I am not charging for this.  I am available to come speak on many issues and do book signings.

I do recommend getting a copy of my book 10 daily keys to success on Amazon and also the new one The American Entrepreneur when it come out in next couple of months I believe around end of march. Also if you have kids our new Children’s book Perry the wise owl,  available at Westbow press, Barnes and noble, Books a Million, and Amazon. Of course the purchase of these are not needed to take part in this journey.  I do know they will help if you want to invest in them.

The keys are:

  1. Apply the weekly concepts

  2. Write down goals everyday

  3. Make a vision board of some kind. (if you are not sure what that is I will help)

  4. I will have recommended reading on books. (These are up to you, if you choose to read they will only change your life more)

  5. Have something to write with at all times. (small pad and pen or pencil, some like electronics)

  6. Promise to keep an open mind.

  7. Understand these do not provide the fruits right away all the time. Some will and some take time to grow.

  8. The more I know about your situation the better, but I do not have to know who you are, I respect your privacy.

  9. I will even be available to do some personal coaching calls. (one on one or groups up to you)

  10. Be willing to help pay this forward so we can help others.

The first thing I want to suggest is read or read again the post on Reaching for goals.

Make a commitment to actually follow through all year with me.  Sometimes people give up right before their breakthrough comes.

So tell everyone and lets take a journey together…………….

Week one starts officially Sunday February 4th.

Post again to all you want and invite to join us.

Remember I also am a Pastor, if people want to leave prayer requests I will listen and pray.  Thank you, blessings to you all.  The goal is to help one another become ever greater at what we do and who we are.