Month: March 2018

New Years, Easter and Resolutions


We make resolutions for the New Year but many people also make them at Easter.


The New Year we see the most people deciding to change their lives.  The many things that they know they need to do like lose weight, eat healthier, treat others kinder, save money, and so on are all on the table.

So many times we see these commitments fall by the wayside, the question is why? Was the commitment just emotional? What keeps some people from following through?

 Please give me some feedback here…..

Easter is another time many people are making commitments.  people will often go to church and here a message. Many of these people only attend every once in a while and the message moves them to want to make changes they know they should make.  Just like New Years we see at Easter people seeing a need to change and making commitments.

We see the same problems happening from New Years and Easter commitments, too many people only last a very short time on the commitment.

Is it a lack of character?

Is the commitment something they make to feel better about themselves for a while?

Is it just emotional and when the feeling fade they have not made the true level of commitment? What is the reason?

I have some ideas but would love to hear yours.  We need to understand why people commit to things only to not follow through within a short time.

I will say that there are those also who actually seem to follow through, but we see these people are the minority.  It is like 90 percent do not and 10 percent do, is that close?

So why is it some have a real change take place and many do not?

What is the underline difference between the two of these?

This is an important discussion in our society so let us get as many people talking about it as possible if you would, thank you.



The Power of the Resurrection


Easter is a time of rebirth.  The power of the resurrection is beyond what anyone could truly comprehend.  Today I want to talk about the power it affords us in our lives to be created new.


Imagine that we can start over and change the entire course of our lives.  We can do a complete turnaround.


If you could become the person you truly felt you were meant to be, would you, do it?


Imagine that the dream seeds planted inside of you.  The things that make you jump inside and truly give you purpose could come to pass?


How is it possible that we can become new and completely change our future and live?


We are created as Spirit, body, and soul.  The body is dying every day as we grow older.  When we are born we are the newest we can be, then our bodies as they grow start to age.  These are documented facts in our lives.  The Spirit and soul however according to scripture, speaks to them as eternal.  The Spirit and Soul are what is created new and being transformed. 


The body will be changed when we die.  We receive an eternal one but the Spirit and soul good or bad will live forever.  The fact that these both are alive and able to change by the power of God. Allows us to see how we can turn our lives around.  It is not our own power that does it but our surrender to allow God to make these changes in our lives.


I understand this is a very deep subject and there are many scriptures that back it up.  There is a lot of science even to back up what I am saying.  Okay so let’s stop a moment start from this foundation.


When we surrender our lives to God and allow Jesus to create in us a clean heart, we are born again.  Salvation is us surrendering to the work of the cross and the resurrection.  When we make this commitment to surrender our lives to God, to accept the gift of salvation we then can begin to grow in grace.  Instead of us getting older we are getting wiser, changing, growing up spiritually.


The purpose God created us to accomplish can come alive within us and the Holy Spirit will empower us to allow that purpose to come forth.  We, of course, have our part to do but we must understand that God is with us and we will accomplish what we are created for if we continue to do our part.


God created us in His image, so we should not be shocked.  God is all-powerful, the creator, a Spirit, we are like Him, but of course not Him.  We have some of the same characteristics God created us to have but of course, we are not god’s.  We are special, created to do great things, nothing in the world is created like us.  God made us to be the rulers of the world and to be the example of Christ-like behavior.


When we just start to understand these facts, we should never doubt God’s plans for our individual lives.  What stops us is our own doubts, fears, and our own limiting beliefs.


If we but grasp a true glimpse of the power of the resurrection we will be changed forever. The cross, Jesus, God, or the bible is not meant to be all received without a level of faith.  Logic is there but cannot complete the picture it is faith that is the final ingredient to change lives.


I would love to have you post scriptures to back up. I can do it but it is nice to hear others and the scriptures they will choose.  So post some please.

Born to do this, let your Spirit rain down on me.

I am reminded today I was created in God’s image created for a purpose. God knew me in my mother’s womb and called me for a unique purpose. I am priceless. Worth more than any treasure this earth has to offer. I have been given the gift of salvation through the work of the cross, Jesus paid a price I could not pay.

I am truly blessed with more than I can ever comprehend. We have incredible children, friends, mentors, and people in our lives. Today I am reminded as I grow another year older to celebrate Gods goodness and love.

We all have the opportunity to know Christ, to know God. We are born priceless and worth more than anything this world can offer. Born for eternity, yes we will live forever, created for a purpose.

I am reminded today of that purpose God has for my life. I pray you never forget your purpose and the God how not only created you but lives you for eternity.

May all who read this be blessed and know Gods love, forgiveness, and the power of the Cross. Blessings my friends

Breakthrough Principle: Forgiveness


Breakthrough Principle: Forgiveness


What is forgiveness?


Are we required to forgive?


Why should we forgive others?


Forgiveness is one of those words and issues that impact everyone in the world.  No one is left without the impact of forgiveness or unforgiveness.


What happens when someone does us wrong? 


How do we react when others have wronged us, or we have hurt others?


Most people want to forgiveness when they make mistakes. A friend I knew that when they did something wrong they would ask and expect to have mercy.  They would complain when others did not forgive them right away. When people hurt them, they would hold a grudge for a while and stay mad.  Everyone knew they had a temper and that they did not like to forgive others.


Studies show that unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger can lead to health issues.  There are those who even link bitterness to cancer and other illnesses.  We all realize that too many of us harbor unforgiveness. 


When we go through horrible things should we forgive?


There was a woman who was permanently disabled and hurt by some young boys throwing pumpkins off an overpass.  The boys who threw the pumpkins caused so much pain, damage, and suffering to the woman.  The woman forgave them and asked to speak with them.  She believed in forgiveness. 


Studies show if we do not forgive we are hurt the most.  Some people have wronged others not even realizing it.  They go about life not ever knowing they offended anyone. The Peron who was hurt allows it to fester and grow affecting their whole life. It seems that too many times we are trying to judge people instead of forgiving them.


There is power in forgiving others. It is like a release of pressure when we let go of the bitterness and unforgiveness.  People can allow the pressure to build until exploding.  The other option is we can release it with true forgiveness.


Forgiveness is not shallow. It requires more than just saying forgive me.  It needs a change in our actions.  We must stop those actions that are wrong when we ask others to forgive us. 

When we forgive we must cast offenses as far as the east is from the west.  If we see that person and cannot help but bring it up or see it in our minds, we are not at forgiveness yet.  The process can take a while, but it is a process. 


Whatever we decide we need to forgive and become once again a nation and world who learns to forgive genuinely.  Joy reigns in forgiveness and death reign in unforgiveness. 


The article is short on the topic of forgiveness, but I hope it starts the conversation in our hearts.

Breakthrough Principle: Listening


Breakthrough Principle: Listening 



We must learn to give our full attention.  The better we listen and communicate our desire that we care about what others say. the more powerful the connection.  We must develop the ability to focus. When our attention wanders we must redirect our attention back to the person.  The skill of attentive behavior is a master key to success.

Ask yourself how well this is working for you now. 


Do you interrupt people when talking?


Do you think about your response while they are still talking?


If we answer yes then there is work to do.  I know I still have work to do.

Eye contact

It is very easy to not look into a person’s eyes.  In our society today, people have a hard time with this one.  We must learn to consider the eyes of the person we are talking to.  The connection we make by considering their eyes and paying close attention to what they say will speak volumes.


When speaking to someone do you look past them?


Do you look down or away often?  


Connect with people by allowing them to see you do not have all the answers.  Allow yourself to be real and transparent.  People want to know others who are knowledgeable but also who are real.  Always speak to others on their level and connect in common ways.  This is a skill set that must be learned in many cases.


Do you always answer a question or do you ask them?


Do you look for the input of others without adding your own to further make the point?


Do you make people feel like smarter after being around you?


The truth is we may be more knowledgeable about issues than them.  Always make them feel important and their answers must be valuable.  If we always must elaborate past their answer than we lose the power of connection. 

We become self-absorbed not others absorbed. Never lie or bend the truth.  If something is wrong with their answers questions are great steering wheels to truth. They are still contributing the answers and they leave lifted, they build enthusiasm.

Faking it

     There are many studies out there that believe it’s okay to fake your way through things.  I know we need to do this at times but one things we should never fake is our pure intentions.  People will feel our energy quickly so we must be genuine and not fake with our intentions.  

Be sure the reason we are doing something is not selfish.  If we only talk to someone for our own needs we are being self-centered.


Do you only have conversations about what you want to talk about?


Do you always bring a conversation back to your accomplishments, what is happening in your life? Do you ask them about their lives and remember past details?


These are skills that will empower us to grow our relationships and move us in the right direction.  We serve others and in the process, help ourselves by focusing on them.

Race to win


Run the race to win.

What is the commitment and effort in your life toward the goals you have currently?

Do you have a defined race to run?

Are you only scattered with the purpose of your life?

It is an interesting set of questions we must consider.  I would like to hear some feedback to those who are willing.

What are steps we can take to define our race?

What are the steps we take to not burn out during our race, to have endurance?

What role does our race play in our faith?

Would anyone like to share their race they are running?

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.

The principles of affect and effect


The principles of affect and effect

.The principle of affect and effect is prevalent in our society.  There is no escaping its impact.  The question is will you use the power of this principle in a positive or negative way. We see examples in the bible, social culture, homes, businesses, and throughout the world.  Its power never stops, its power God has given us as a gift.

What is the Principle of affect and effect?

How are you using this power today?

Who are you affecting and effecting in a positive way?

Who are you affecting and effecting in a negative way?

Every person throughout history has had this power working in their lives.  Some have used this power for evil.  Hitler is an example of a man who used this principle to impact millions of lives even long after his death.  Jesus used this principle to impact people throughout history we see examples of the impact on lives.  Today billions of people all over the world have been impacted in ways we cannot even measure.  The principle is so powerful that once we fully begin to grasp its power we should never feel insignificant again.

There are those who feel like their lives do not matter.  Some feel they have not had the impact they wanted.  I have felt in times past these emotions.  The truth is what we must see.  The power of affect and effect has been working and having an impact upon lives.  We may not see it now but it is there.

The principle of affect and effect is simple but profound. It is complex yet uncomplicated. It can impact people around the world and ourselves all at the same time.  The principle is universal and Transcends all limits of time.  History is full of measurable ways this Principle of affect and effect has worked.

Parts of the principle of affect and effect:

  1. Influence

  2. Habit

  3. Emotions

  4. Impact

  5. Life and death

  6. Changed behavior

  7. Critical parts of life itself

  8. The most overlooked power we have

  9. The most underestimated power people use to the good

  10. It is always working

     Leadership is influence. We who have studied leadership understand this principle.  Influence is something we all affect and effect people will daily either negatively or positively.  We impact our own lives in powerful ways by this principle. The life we are living today is having a powerful impact. If I asked that question to an audience of 5000 average blue-collar workers we would here many say I have very little impact.

What if the change everyone is looking for is at our fingertips?

People say we have racial divide in our country?

People say we need changes to gun control, new safety measures for everything. New ratings systems on video games, tv, and so on.  Many people are having a conversation that our world is growing evil and people lack a of value life.

Why do we kill, hurt, destroy, commit suicide, cheat, steal, lie, and the list just keeps on going?  Why do we do what we do?

We have the Principle of affect and effect working all throughout the world and in our lives.  The reasons are simple yet complex.  Influence plays a role far greater than we can imagine.  Science has proven that children have their greatest impacts upon who they are in the first 5 years or so of their lives.  They develop many of their traits they carry through life then.

What kind of influence happens to children by age 5?

What kind of influence happens to children by age 13?

What kind of influence happens to children by age 19?

I am asking these questions so we think.  No matter what we do in life.  If we own a business or work a job the principles of affect and effect are at work. In life there is a reaction for every action we take.  We might call it cause and effect.  I child who has no human contact will die. A child who has no mom or dad growing up has issues that impact his or her life.  The reason God gave us a road map to follow for family structure and values was to help us have proper affect and effect in our lives.  When people push against any of these principles laid out about values or family structure for instance we see a powerful affect and effect. The Affect and effect not only happens in their lives but also the lives of others.

Respond with me about these questions above and let’s discuss the power of affect and effect.  Who will take up the discussion with me. This is not exhaustive by any means. Affect the verb and effect the noun of this principle.