The principles of affect and effect


The principles of affect and effect

.The principle of affect and effect is prevalent in our society.  There is no escaping its impact.  The question is will you use the power of this principle in a positive or negative way. We see examples in the bible, social culture, homes, businesses, and throughout the world.  Its power never stops, its power God has given us as a gift.

What is the Principle of affect and effect?

How are you using this power today?

Who are you affecting and effecting in a positive way?

Who are you affecting and effecting in a negative way?

Every person throughout history has had this power working in their lives.  Some have used this power for evil.  Hitler is an example of a man who used this principle to impact millions of lives even long after his death.  Jesus used this principle to impact people throughout history we see examples of the impact on lives.  Today billions of people all over the world have been impacted in ways we cannot even measure.  The principle is so powerful that once we fully begin to grasp its power we should never feel insignificant again.

There are those who feel like their lives do not matter.  Some feel they have not had the impact they wanted.  I have felt in times past these emotions.  The truth is what we must see.  The power of affect and effect has been working and having an impact upon lives.  We may not see it now but it is there.

The principle of affect and effect is simple but profound. It is complex yet uncomplicated. It can impact people around the world and ourselves all at the same time.  The principle is universal and Transcends all limits of time.  History is full of measurable ways this Principle of affect and effect has worked.

Parts of the principle of affect and effect:

  1. Influence

  2. Habit

  3. Emotions

  4. Impact

  5. Life and death

  6. Changed behavior

  7. Critical parts of life itself

  8. The most overlooked power we have

  9. The most underestimated power people use to the good

  10. It is always working

     Leadership is influence. We who have studied leadership understand this principle.  Influence is something we all affect and effect people will daily either negatively or positively.  We impact our own lives in powerful ways by this principle. The life we are living today is having a powerful impact. If I asked that question to an audience of 5000 average blue-collar workers we would here many say I have very little impact.

What if the change everyone is looking for is at our fingertips?

People say we have racial divide in our country?

People say we need changes to gun control, new safety measures for everything. New ratings systems on video games, tv, and so on.  Many people are having a conversation that our world is growing evil and people lack a of value life.

Why do we kill, hurt, destroy, commit suicide, cheat, steal, lie, and the list just keeps on going?  Why do we do what we do?

We have the Principle of affect and effect working all throughout the world and in our lives.  The reasons are simple yet complex.  Influence plays a role far greater than we can imagine.  Science has proven that children have their greatest impacts upon who they are in the first 5 years or so of their lives.  They develop many of their traits they carry through life then.

What kind of influence happens to children by age 5?

What kind of influence happens to children by age 13?

What kind of influence happens to children by age 19?

I am asking these questions so we think.  No matter what we do in life.  If we own a business or work a job the principles of affect and effect are at work. In life there is a reaction for every action we take.  We might call it cause and effect.  I child who has no human contact will die. A child who has no mom or dad growing up has issues that impact his or her life.  The reason God gave us a road map to follow for family structure and values was to help us have proper affect and effect in our lives.  When people push against any of these principles laid out about values or family structure for instance we see a powerful affect and effect. The Affect and effect not only happens in their lives but also the lives of others.

Respond with me about these questions above and let’s discuss the power of affect and effect.  Who will take up the discussion with me. This is not exhaustive by any means. Affect the verb and effect the noun of this principle.

2 thoughts on “The principles of affect and effect”

  1. I recall, by the age of 5, having been uprooted from my first home and moved to a second. I recall having made playing in the woods a major part of my life, and thus it remains today. The sea was my second place of recreation, then, and so bodies of water remain important to my well-being, now. Ages 12-13 saw my puberty, though girls have fascinated me since I was seven. The unresolved issues of attraction and rejection have caused me problems, both before and after my period of marriage, until only a few days ago, when I faced up to them. Age 19 saw me take on at least some of the duties of manhood. My effect on others has been totally due to the affect that I show them, and that I exhibit towards myself.

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