Breakthrough Principle: Forgiveness


Breakthrough Principle: Forgiveness


What is forgiveness?


Are we required to forgive?


Why should we forgive others?


Forgiveness is one of those words and issues that impact everyone in the world.  No one is left without the impact of forgiveness or unforgiveness.


What happens when someone does us wrong? 


How do we react when others have wronged us, or we have hurt others?


Most people want to forgiveness when they make mistakes. A friend I knew that when they did something wrong they would ask and expect to have mercy.  They would complain when others did not forgive them right away. When people hurt them, they would hold a grudge for a while and stay mad.  Everyone knew they had a temper and that they did not like to forgive others.


Studies show that unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger can lead to health issues.  There are those who even link bitterness to cancer and other illnesses.  We all realize that too many of us harbor unforgiveness. 


When we go through horrible things should we forgive?


There was a woman who was permanently disabled and hurt by some young boys throwing pumpkins off an overpass.  The boys who threw the pumpkins caused so much pain, damage, and suffering to the woman.  The woman forgave them and asked to speak with them.  She believed in forgiveness. 


Studies show if we do not forgive we are hurt the most.  Some people have wronged others not even realizing it.  They go about life not ever knowing they offended anyone. The Peron who was hurt allows it to fester and grow affecting their whole life. It seems that too many times we are trying to judge people instead of forgiving them.


There is power in forgiving others. It is like a release of pressure when we let go of the bitterness and unforgiveness.  People can allow the pressure to build until exploding.  The other option is we can release it with true forgiveness.


Forgiveness is not shallow. It requires more than just saying forgive me.  It needs a change in our actions.  We must stop those actions that are wrong when we ask others to forgive us. 

When we forgive we must cast offenses as far as the east is from the west.  If we see that person and cannot help but bring it up or see it in our minds, we are not at forgiveness yet.  The process can take a while, but it is a process. 


Whatever we decide we need to forgive and become once again a nation and world who learns to forgive genuinely.  Joy reigns in forgiveness and death reign in unforgiveness. 


The article is short on the topic of forgiveness, but I hope it starts the conversation in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Breakthrough Principle: Forgiveness”

    1. I agree we must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Love is an action so it should involve us doing something. I have a long way to go in mastering forgiveness and most things. The more I learn it seems the less I really know. It is like school is always in session. Always learning and becoming more like Christ is the plan for me.

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