Born to do this, let your Spirit rain down on me.

I am reminded today I was created in God’s image created for a purpose. God knew me in my mother’s womb and called me for a unique purpose. I am priceless. Worth more than any treasure this earth has to offer. I have been given the gift of salvation through the work of the cross, Jesus paid a price I could not pay.

I am truly blessed with more than I can ever comprehend. We have incredible children, friends, mentors, and people in our lives. Today I am reminded as I grow another year older to celebrate Gods goodness and love.

We all have the opportunity to know Christ, to know God. We are born priceless and worth more than anything this world can offer. Born for eternity, yes we will live forever, created for a purpose.

I am reminded today of that purpose God has for my life. I pray you never forget your purpose and the God how not only created you but lives you for eternity.

May all who read this be blessed and know Gods love, forgiveness, and the power of the Cross. Blessings my friends

6 thoughts on “Born to do this, let your Spirit rain down on me.”

    1. Yes we sure do. The scriptures are great pulling out truth from the word. If we can see ourselves as Jesus can then we would see the masterpiece God is creating wants to create with our lives. Blessings and thank you

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