Day: March 29, 2018

The Power of the Resurrection


Easter is a time of rebirth.  The power of the resurrection is beyond what anyone could truly comprehend.  Today I want to talk about the power it affords us in our lives to be created new.


Imagine that we can start over and change the entire course of our lives.  We can do a complete turnaround.


If you could become the person you truly felt you were meant to be, would you, do it?


Imagine that the dream seeds planted inside of you.  The things that make you jump inside and truly give you purpose could come to pass?


How is it possible that we can become new and completely change our future and live?


We are created as Spirit, body, and soul.  The body is dying every day as we grow older.  When we are born we are the newest we can be, then our bodies as they grow start to age.  These are documented facts in our lives.  The Spirit and soul however according to scripture, speaks to them as eternal.  The Spirit and Soul are what is created new and being transformed. 


The body will be changed when we die.  We receive an eternal one but the Spirit and soul good or bad will live forever.  The fact that these both are alive and able to change by the power of God. Allows us to see how we can turn our lives around.  It is not our own power that does it but our surrender to allow God to make these changes in our lives.


I understand this is a very deep subject and there are many scriptures that back it up.  There is a lot of science even to back up what I am saying.  Okay so let’s stop a moment start from this foundation.


When we surrender our lives to God and allow Jesus to create in us a clean heart, we are born again.  Salvation is us surrendering to the work of the cross and the resurrection.  When we make this commitment to surrender our lives to God, to accept the gift of salvation we then can begin to grow in grace.  Instead of us getting older we are getting wiser, changing, growing up spiritually.


The purpose God created us to accomplish can come alive within us and the Holy Spirit will empower us to allow that purpose to come forth.  We, of course, have our part to do but we must understand that God is with us and we will accomplish what we are created for if we continue to do our part.


God created us in His image, so we should not be shocked.  God is all-powerful, the creator, a Spirit, we are like Him, but of course not Him.  We have some of the same characteristics God created us to have but of course, we are not god’s.  We are special, created to do great things, nothing in the world is created like us.  God made us to be the rulers of the world and to be the example of Christ-like behavior.


When we just start to understand these facts, we should never doubt God’s plans for our individual lives.  What stops us is our own doubts, fears, and our own limiting beliefs.


If we but grasp a true glimpse of the power of the resurrection we will be changed forever. The cross, Jesus, God, or the bible is not meant to be all received without a level of faith.  Logic is there but cannot complete the picture it is faith that is the final ingredient to change lives.


I would love to have you post scriptures to back up. I can do it but it is nice to hear others and the scriptures they will choose.  So post some please.