Day: March 31, 2018

New Years, Easter and Resolutions


We make resolutions for the New Year but many people also make them at Easter.


The New Year we see the most people deciding to change their lives.  The many things that they know they need to do like lose weight, eat healthier, treat others kinder, save money, and so on are all on the table.

So many times we see these commitments fall by the wayside, the question is why? Was the commitment just emotional? What keeps some people from following through?

 Please give me some feedback here…..

Easter is another time many people are making commitments.  people will often go to church and here a message. Many of these people only attend every once in a while and the message moves them to want to make changes they know they should make.  Just like New Years we see at Easter people seeing a need to change and making commitments.

We see the same problems happening from New Years and Easter commitments, too many people only last a very short time on the commitment.

Is it a lack of character?

Is the commitment something they make to feel better about themselves for a while?

Is it just emotional and when the feeling fade they have not made the true level of commitment? What is the reason?

I have some ideas but would love to hear yours.  We need to understand why people commit to things only to not follow through within a short time.

I will say that there are those also who actually seem to follow through, but we see these people are the minority.  It is like 90 percent do not and 10 percent do, is that close?

So why is it some have a real change take place and many do not?

What is the underline difference between the two of these?

This is an important discussion in our society so let us get as many people talking about it as possible if you would, thank you.