Be the example our kids need.


Our children are like sponges soaking up the environment around them.  It is vital that we realize the impact we have on our children.  The children around us also are impacted by our behaviors.

Children are like mirror images of ourselves.  I have seen over the course of my life so many families who complain about kids.  When I got a chance to see the parents and their interactions with their children I began to see a pattern. They really pick up the little things we do not even realize we do.

Habits and the little things that we do not even notice that can be seen good or bad. Create habit in our kids. I understand this is not 100 percent true all the time but as a general rule, this is correct.

What example are we to children we impact or come into contact with?

What can we do to help our kids see the right examples?

Our world is full of influence, the greatest, the loudest they have will impact them the most.

So what is it?

Video games, TV Shows, Friends, Family, or what?

Just some food for thought and please give your opinion.


4 thoughts on “Be the example our kids need.”

  1. Our kids are the closest disciples we will ever have. Where are we leading them? It’s more than teaching, but modeling the very behavior we desire in them. Is this not what Jesus showed his disciples?


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