Month: April 2019

Powerful Words

Power words

Some of the most powerful words we will ever use on a daily basis in our lives are going to be listed here in this article. I hope that you take the time to review them and use them as they are life changing for us all.

The words are listed below

Forgive me: We all should be using this word often in our lives with others in our families and with those we come into contact with. People who have pride in their lives often struggle with Forgiving others or even saying the words forgive me.

Sorry: Forgive me is a close friend to I am sorry but it has the power to allow people to see inside our hearts and our actions. Sorry is more than a word it is an action. When we are truly sorry we stop the behavior to the best of our ability and make restitution in some form. It is a condition of our hearts and before we ask others to forgive us we must have sorrow or be sorry or it is hollow and loses the power it was intended to have.

I forgive you: A close friend to Sorry, and forgive me is I forgive you. One of the greatest Cancers in our world is not forgiving and it grows into bitterness. People die, have disease and many other issues due to or contributed by not forgiving others and the anger, bitterness and rage building inside their lives. When we do not forgiving others we harm ourselves more than anyone else. The act of forgiving is an action word it requires us to move to action and continue to forgive when we start to pick back up the issue we are forgiving. This is one of the hardest things in life to do with our relationships but most rewarding. Marriages, friendships, and other relationships are impacted daily by forgiving or not forgiving they are stronger or weaker.

Thank you: The words thank you can become a powerful way to express our gratitude toward others who have done something nice for us. The act will also build others up and encourage them and our own selves.

I love you: People love this phrase in life. Families will often tell each other that they love them and then fight, argue, and the list goes on. Married couples say I love you then a year or two later they are divorced. What changed it was there type of love. There is the surface I love you or emotional love which is temporary based by how people make us feel. Then there is true love or as the Bible would put it Agape l love, this kind is based in actions and commitment. It is not based on just a surface love but commits to love in spite of how you feel and work to make the love greater and deeper.

Encourages: Here is a power way to build others in life like our spouse, friends, co-workers and much more. One the greatest leadership keys in life is to encourage others. Speaking truthful words of affirmation, kindness, recognition, will go a long way.

Trustworthiness The ability to be able to be trusted is of great value in our world today. Just look at our political environment, people talked out of both sides of their mouths. They do not know what it means to be trustworthy in many cases or even what integrity means. People redefine what values are and leave out absolute truth in their lives. It is like building a house on sand by the ocean and expecting it to stand when the waves start hitting it. People who are not trustworthy fall on their faces all the time always getting in their own way.

Friend: The word here is interesting because we have many definitions of friends. The friends I want to talk about are those people who come into our lives we have an opportunity to grow their lives or they may grow our lives. Friends are not just meant to benefit us but to allow us to help them and them help us Jesus taught us how great it is to become servants to those around us and even lay down our lives for our friends. Friends do not help others fun to wrong or wicked things that can hurt them but help their friends stay on track and encourage growth toward their goals in life. They help share our ups and downs and should love us despite our faults while holding us accountable to grow.

Habits: Habit is a tool in our toll-box of life that has the ability to push us in the right or wrong directions. Just think what if there was a way to move ourselves in the direction of what we want in life Habit is the car we drive to get us were we want to go. The sad part is often we are driving our car in one direction toward our goals and then we take a side road and end up somewhere else. Our habits must be looked at carefully to see if they live up with our life goals. When they do not we are just driving in circles not really going where we want to.

Jesus: The first priority to get right so the rest of life falls into place better. When we except Christs love in our hearts we can truly find our purpose in life and what will truly make us happy. He helps us to have the right habits work in our lives, and allow the power words I have listed and so much more become even more effective. Jesus died to reconcile God’s creation to Himself. Once we are in harmony with that we can build the life that will truly make us happy and find purpose for our lives here on earth and forever more. The power of a personal relationship with Jesus beyond our imaginations, it is limitless. We are adopted into God’s family taking our places as Sons and Daughter of the our Creator. Just think of all the blessings our creator wants to give His Children.

Servant: The person who learns to just follow this principle in 50% of their lives will be forever changed. I am not sure we can ever master any of these power words but as we implement them more in our lives we will become greater in every way. Putting others first is a concept misunderstood and often forgotten when people are wanting to gain success in life. The truth we can become successful by the definition of some people but it is hollow without Servant mentality. People who learn to serve others become people who push others up and help them reach their dreams and life purposes.

Leader: The leader is a person who has people following them in some way. I have always loved the phrase that helps us to see this truth. If you are leading and no one is following you, it is just you taking a stroll. Leaders have people following what they are doing. People follow us when they see how much we care about them and our combined purposes. Leaders cannot truly lead effectively without incorporating Servant Leadership I believe. Leading is serving those we have the opportunity to influence in our lives. Parents, professionals, and so many others have the ability to lead.

I know this is not exhaustive by any means but it is a resource to help us begin thinking of the power of words and our life. Words become alive and powerful so we should understand how to use these tools in our lives. Thank you for reading