Day: April 19, 2020

Foundations of the Truth

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Foundations of the Truth value system from the bible
God is the creator of us all and everything. Trinity, God, Jesus (son), Holy Spirit. 3-1
God is love. God was first, last, King of Kings; we are created in God’s image and likeness.
God loves us- God created man and women, Sin entered mankind in garden by disobedience, Jesus was sent God’s only Son as a sacrifice to solve the issue of sin separating us from a Holly God. Salvation is a gift paid by Jesus on the cross for anyone who will repent of sin, believe, and make Jesus Lord of their lives. When we are saved or born again we start living in a right relationship with God. We are adopted as one of His children. Our new creation requires us to adopt God’s value system for creation which is found in the bible.
Any value system formed apart from God’s value system is out of line with creation. The only solid foundation of a truth values system is God> He gave us the bible to reveal the plan for us, our value system, and guide to purpose and success in our lives here on earth and for life everlasting.
We are born to live forever. Our spirit, soul, live forever the body will die but we get a new one to live eternally. God gives each person a free will to choose to live in Heaven or in Hell, with God or apart from God.
The Ten Commandments are absolute truths for us to live by. Proverbs is full of great guides for our lives to keep these absolute truths. The bible is filled with truth to live in our lives.
We do make mistakes, sin, but God gives us the plan to deal with that in our lives.
Forgiveness, agape love, is absolute truth. The fruit of the Spirit is evidence we are growing in Christ as we see these grow in our lives.
The Holy Spirit is our teacher, empowers us to live out Christ likeness, boldness, comforts, and so much more. Faith is an Absolute truth without faith a relationship with God is impossible or following absolute truth. God has given each person a measure of faith when they are born or conceived. God knows us even in the womb, which allows to understand abortion is against God’s absolute truth (Murder, Killing) He has plans for each person, life is valuable, purposeful, and we each have gifts and abilities God gave us to use in our lives. We must discover them with God’s help. God teaches us to use our resources in life carefully.
Giving is a truth principle. We reap, sow, plant, harvest.
These are just a few but a great start to the foundation of Absolute truth we all grow in. When we allow these things to develop our value systems we can judge