About The Author

       Ron Bennett has been speaking now for over a decade on leadership and principles for living a successful life.  In his new book Ron shares the call of the entrepreneur spirit.  There has never been a time like this one in history.  It is time to dream again to reach for the purpose of your life. Ron wants to share this passion that has awaken in him with those who are willing.

     Ron Graduated with two degrees from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs CO.  In his career he has managed in corporate America, owed multiple businesses, a franchise, and worked as a professional for over 25 years now. 

        Ron has several new projects coming out in 2018 including Perry the Wise Owl series which inspires to help children learn values in their lives. Ron also will have a new business book out soon.  The information will be valuable to new and old business owners alike. Ron’s passion for sharing wisdom and life principles to all who are willing to learn is the foundation key to his life’s mission.

       Ron has been a licensed minister for over a decade. He strives to help people learn of God’s love and grace.  God’s spiritual guide is the bible. In Ron’s books there are many great basics that will help anyone no matter their religious background.

     Ron has been speaking to groups for many years now. He is available to come to your business, church, or group’s event.  Ron can speak on a large range of leadership principles.  The passion to see people’s lives changed and transformed is priceless.  Faith is something that I want to share with all those who will listen.

       Ron has a passion to truly give back to others.  He would like to donate a portion of the book profits to give out scholarships.  Ron also believes that living generously is important in our lives and together he believes we can make a difference.