Kid Success


Self Esteem

Kids today are faced with a lot of challenges that often can effect their self esteem.  They have peer pressure from culture and from other kids.  As if it were not enough we are wired to have strong emotions. Kids often are made to feel that they should not wait to have sex.  It is expected in much of our culture and even seen as cool.

There are those who grow up in places that gangs and parties are the normal.  These influences can be devastating to your child’s emotional health. But whatever the problems they face here are some principles that we as parents can instill to them to help.

  1. Celebrate their achievements

  2. When they make mistakes encourage them to learn and raise above them more than just punishing them.

  3. Be involved in their lives. That means sacrifices like cell phone usage and maybe time at work.

  4. Create a moral culture in you home.

  5. Encourage after school activities, most kids in these do not get involved in as much trouble.

  6. Find out their interests and spend time somehow involved.

  7. Remember you are not their best friend but parent. We can have a great relationship and still discipline.

  8. Let them know what is expected of them.

  9. Follow through on what you say

  10. show them a lot of love

  11. give them opportunities to grow

  12. Be the example

  13. Prayer for them and with them.

These are a few examples and will get most families off to a great start.






Wisdom with kids eating habits

We want our kids to grow taller, there are certain foods that you will need to integrate into their diet. These super-foods will help your kids in many ways, apart from increasing their height. Here are the top 11 healthy foods that will help your kids grow taller and stronger:

  1. Eggs:

Proteins are nutrients that play the biggest role in increasing your kids’ height, so make sure that they eat an egg every day. Making them a yummy omelet or a boiled egg for breakfast is a great way to start their day and get proteins into their body!

  1. Milk:


Milk is filled with calcium which is great for the growth of bones as well as for strength. Proteins are also well-assimilated by milk. Get your kids to drink milk every day or make delicious dishes that are filled with the goodness of milk. This is the best food for kids to grow taller.

  1. Soybeans:


Get your kids to eat more soybeans as they are a vegetarian food that is rich in proteins. They improve the growth of bones and muscles. You can create many yummy recipes with soybeans to make your kids eat this amazing food.

  1. Oatmeal:

This super-food is rich in protein and has low fat content. It is one of the healthiest foods for anyone, so get your kids to eat it on a regular basis to grow taller.

  1. Chicken:


Recipes that include chicken are always loved by kids. It is a meat that is healthy and rich in protein. One suggestion is to find chicken that is not pumped full of chemicals.

  1. Spinach:


Yes, Popeye had it right all along and that’s what you can tell your kids! Spinach is a super-veggie that will not only give your kids the strength that they need but will also provide them with iron and calcium. These two nutrients are essential to make sure that your kids grow tall!

  1. Carrots:


Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which helps in the synthesis of proteins in the body. Raw carrots have the highest content of this vitamin so add them to salads or get your kids to drink fresh carrot juice daily. Watch them grow tall fast!

  1. Fruits:


We all know that fruits are important foods for kids to grow healthy and strong. Fruits that are rich in Vitamin A such as mangoes, cantaloupe and peaches will help your kids grow taller and strengthen their bones when they are added to their diet. Any time these can be purchased from a farmer instead of buying in the grocery stores it will be a much better choice.

  1. Whole Grains:


Get your kids to eat whole grain foods whenever they can! They are the healthiest option when it comes to grains as they are rich in Vitamin B and iron. Whole-grain breads and pastas as well as cereals are awesome choices if you want your kids to grow taller!

  1. Yogurt:


Yogurt is a fantastic source of Vitamin D and calcium which are both essential to a child’s growth in terms of height. If your kids are not fans of yogurt, get them to eat cheese instead as this too is rich in proteins, calcium and Vitamin D.

If you want your kids to grow taller, try out these that we like to call the best foods that help kids grow taller and see the amazing results. They will not only grow taller but will also be strong and healthy!

  1. Grass fed beef:

Grass feed beef that is grown locally from a source like an approved farm.  These are typically very low in fat, they will be able to offer lean cuts. These will give great protein that allow meat in the diet that is lean with a lot of protein.

Vegetables are of course one the greatest sources to help kids grow up healthy.  I do suggest that packaged foods are something to stay away from as much as possible. These are a few ideas that will help kids grow healthy. When these are started at a young age they often create habits that will last a life time.